So you didn’t hear this from Mayor Birdbrain Brandon Johnson’s piehole…  And you darn sure didn’t hear it from our carnival barker in chief JB Pritzker…  but homicides in Murder City USA are up 32% year-over-year from 2023.

Yes, that so-called “Protect Illinois Communities Act” is really paying off in spades now that it’s fully in effect now!

Homicides are up by a third in March.  That’s quite a headline except that the politicians running Chicago (and Springfield) don’t want to share those numbers.  It might serve as (yet another) indictment of their “symbolism over substance” governing style.

HeyJackass has the numbers.

Final March Totals (vs 2023)
Shot & Killed: 42 (+26%)
Shot & Wounded: 162 (+13%)
Total Shot: 204 (+16%)
Total Homicides: 50 (+32%)

Easter weekend went down as the most violent weekend so far in 2024 with…  32 shot and 7 killed according to Fox Chicago.

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