Chicago has (handily) earned and retained the title of Murder City USA with the most homicides for (at least) twelve years in a row now.  And the runner-up isn’t even close.

At the same time, instead of going after gang members and violent criminals, the Land of Lincoln’s political leadership seems hell-bent on investigating the law-abiding to no end.

In 2023, Illinois had the most firearm background checks of any state in America…  3.9 million for those keeping score.  (Thank you FBI for the data).

Remember folks, it’s GANG VIOLENCE, not gun violence.

A photo of the killer, flashing gang signs with one hand while holding about $260 like he’s a badass gangster. His momma must be so proud of her offspring.

Bad guys don’t apply for FOID cards or buy their guns at Bass Pro or Cabelas.

They steal their guns.

It’s just like so-called gun buybacks…  Bad guys want no part of that.  Besides, what self-respecting bad guy is gonna carry an obsolete break-top revolver in .32?

Yet the Bad Idea Factory known as the Illinois General Assembly has a member who wants good guy gun owners to submit to fingerprinting (at about $75-100 a pop for Live Scan prints) each time they want to buy or receive a gun.  For ANOTHER background investigation.

From The Center Square:

(The Center Square) – Despite Illinois having nearly four million background checks done on gun owning residents in 2023, Illinoisans who want to buy a firearm would have to undergo state-approved training and three background checks if a proposed bill makes it across the finish line.

A Second Amendment advocate says this latest gun-restriction bill is a tactic to keep firearms out of law-abiding citizens’ hands.

House Bill 3239, sponsored by state Rep. Maura Hirschauer, D-Batavia, would obligate Illinoisans who want to buy a firearm to go through eight hours of training and other requirements. The bill is in the House Judiciary Criminal Committee, which is scheduled to meet in Springfield Tuesday. Her office said she will not be calling the bill this week.

William Kirk, president of Washington Gun Law, said the measure woud require residents who want to purchase a firearm to go to their local law enforcement department and go through a background check with fingerprinting.

“Once that permission slip is given to them, they would have 180 days in which they could purchase a firearm. They have to turn that card into the [federal firearms licensee]. The FFL has to take a receipt of it. It’s like a punch-card, you get to buy one per permission slip,” said Kirk. “Illinois also has the goofy [Firearm Owners Identification] card as well, so anyone who has a FOID card has to undergo a background check, then of course anyone who has ever purchased a gun knows that any FFL is going to run you through a federally-mandated background check and then you have to go through a background check when you get your permission slip from local police.”

A FOID card is required in Illinois for residents to own or purchase firearms and ammunition. According to numbers from Illinois State Police, over 2.4 million Illinois residents possess FOID cards, nearly 19% of the state’s 12.7 million people. The greatest number of these cards have been issued in Cook County, with over 730,000 active cards at the end of 2023. Champaign County had issued 34,144.

“Illinois residents will have to go through a background check, to get a background check to get a background check,” Kirk said.

Yup.  But it allows soft-on-crime gun-hating legislators to tout that they are doing something about the gang violence that permeates pretty much the entire city.

6 thoughts on “Illinois has nation’s most firearm background checks of good guys, yet Chicago reigns as Murder City USA”
  1. The world is truly upside down. The law-abiding fear the police more than the criminals. The criminals are the preferred constituency of those in power. Those who have an illegal Glock switch in Chicago have nothing to fear as Chicago does not prosecute federal crimes. Meanwhile, old farmers and veterans must undergo more and more restrictions.

  2. Each and every morning I wake up and praise the good lord for finally allowing me to flee that corrupt political cesspool of a sh*thole state and live happily ever after in the beautiful free and red state of Florida!

  3. Obviously background checking the law-abiding isn’t doing jack shit to slow down the ‘bangers shooting up Chitcago. Maybe we should be arresting criminals? Maybe that would do the trick to lower crime.
    Worked for El Salvador.
    And Venezuela sent all their criminals to the US, lowering their crime.

    1. Yes, ISU, and now an ILL-Annoy “judge” has declared that illegal invaders are NOT subject to laws that American citizens must abide by concerning possession and carrying of firearms!
      When “judges” do not enforce the very laws the corruptocRATS enact, we no longer have a country based upon the “rule of law” and what is good for the criminal invaders is good for the law abiding taxpaying citizens, isn’t it?
      Pray for America and our Constitutional Republic, Satan’s Marxists need to be defeated!

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