Join us tonight at Jamie’s Outpost in Utica, IL for our LaSalle County GSL meeting.

Our monthly drawing will be for a case of 1000 rounds of .223 FMJ ammo.  How sweet is that?

Last month, our main speaker John Anthony (pictured above), the former State Rep., former cop and now AM560 radio host did a terrific job as our main speaker. “I want to activate you!” he said.

He discussed ways to grow voter participation, acknowledging that they’re gutting our rights in Springfield while we are out working and raising our kids. Speaking of kids, he reminded us that we need to help bring the young people to hear our message. After all, without the 2A we have nothing.

He’s optimistic about America and says it’s not to late to start making a difference. We had a number of other speakers including the LaSalle County State’s Attorney Joe Navarro who shared some of the latest ways the SAFE-T Act is making things more difficult for him in his work.

Not sure who is our speaker tonight, but it’s no doubt going to be a great one again.

5 thoughts on “LaSalle County GSL event TONITE! Thursday, April 19th! Join us!”
  1. Jboch is just as clueless about the calendar as he is about who is inflicting gun control on the people. He’s blaming Pritzker, the Democrats or anyone but who’s actually carrying out orders to HARM Illinoisans. Perhaps this former cop John Anthony can explain to him that the police who took an oath to the constitution are the very ones sent out to VIOLATE the constitution. But don’t worry, the Back the Blue “pro-2A” advocates will defend gun control actions.

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