The Illinois State Rifle Association put on the Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day event yesterday.  About 300 mostly enthusiastic people showed up and Alan Gottlieb delivered a great presentation from the podium warming up the crowd for the march to the Capitol building.

The ISRA event did net a little bit of coverage from alternative media (The Center Square & Bishop On Air).  However, coverage in the mainstream media was thin at best.  It didn’t merit even a mention anywhere on CapitolFax.


Greg Bishop at Bishop On Air (YouTube Channel) has a video from the Illinois State Rifle Association event.


So there you have it.


12 thoughts on “Illinois State Rifle Association’s IGOLD event…”
  1. Just like last year, what’s the point? We went to it a number of times. It seemed more useful then, but now just seems like a waste of time. We’ve got a super majority of leftists running things, and don’t give a crap about what we think, evidenced by PICA.
    We also went to the capitol twice to protest when Prickster instituted his covid dictates. That was just about as fruitless.
    There are better ways to spend our time in order to hopefully get things done. IGOLD no longer seems to worth our time.

  2. First I left that state for Indiana four years ago and have never regretted any part of it. I was at the first and all the rest until GSL pulled out and never went back. I don’t have a dog in that fight but looking back things are different now. During those earlier years I think it did make some difference partly because there were some southern Illinois democrats that were very pro-gun. I think IGOLD helped them to influence what was going on. Also Madigan was in total power at the time and he helped the pro-gun movement along. Not that he was in any way pro-gun but with those southern democrats if they could do nothing to help their people they would risk getting voted out. Madigan would basically “throw them a bone” to keep himself in power which was the only thing of any importance to him.
    Now the super majorities of super liberals just don’t have to care. Also if you look back nothing ever got passed that was a big win for gun owners that did not come from a court decision.

  3. I remember that deal. I have been back once a few years ago but the magic was gone. I hate to say it but ISRA could screw up a two car funeral procession.
    Speaking of funerals, Pearson looks bad. Isn’t he about 5 or 10 years past retirement?

  4. Pathetic and lame. ISRA deserves all the credit for this epic failure. I’m fairly new to all of this and have no institutional memory, but I wouldn’t be bragging about a gun owner lobby day that turns out a couple of hundred people.

  5. Thanks for the recap, John, and the explanation of the “breu-(not-so) ha-ha” about the disfunction, I believe it was attributed to IL Carry “inflated ego” perps, if I recall correctly. I believe I was in the GSL crowd behind the start of the walk to the Capital just outside of the convention building doors when it happened, our group kind of marched together, at the time, not sure. Despicable actions from people who should have been more respectful at an assembly for demands to uphold citizens Constitutionally enumerated and supposedly protected Rights.
    I was able to attend IGOLD several years at the period when it drew impressive attendance and was proud to attend, sad to see the diminished attendance and because of “Biden-flation, Biden-omics, and Biden-vasion” (Biden’s southern border invasion) my finances are not keeping up with necessities, let alone trying to purchase gasoline for a trip to Springfield, sad to say.
    Glad some could go but it seems almost pointless with the legislature inhabited with so many Marx-o-cRATS that ignore proper procedure when introducing bills into law like was done with the PICA farce.
    Pray for America and that we can overcome the Marx-o-cRATS at the ballot box later this year.


    1. While at IGOLD the other day, wearing my GSL t-shirt, I was approached by several guys about joining ISRA. None of them had a clue about what Pearson and his cronies had done. They just couldn’t understand why they couldn’t get me to join.
      Not 1 red cent from my household will land in the coffers of ISRA, EVER.

  7. Why I didn’t go to IGOLD.
    It’s hard to state just a single reason. Perhaps the primary reason is the obvious malfeasance of the ISRA director and his appointed court jesters. Everyone needs to face the reality that the director simply isn’t capable of leading an important civil rights organization facing grave political challenges from extremists and self serving politicians. His inability is either a result of ego and political/business/organizational inexperience or hypocrisy.
    The most disheartening thing is his unwillingness to step down after repetitive failures. His entrenchment indicates he’d rather sit in the bunker awaiting destruction instead of passing leadership to someone more knowledgeable and competent. The next time he tries to buy that “seat at the table” with our civil rights there won’t be anyone left to go to Springfield.

    1. Pearson is following LaPierre’s example of inefficiency and ineptness and ego-mania, I think, sad example of a “gun Rights” group.

  8. Rich Pearson and Wayne LaPierre do not have the best interests of their respective organizations in mind when they block new blood from the helm of the ISRA and the NRA. Granted gun rights would be floundering in the dark ages without when but the time to move on has come and done. That was the main reason for my absence I hated to miss seeing Alan Gottlieb but that was all I missed. Maybe Pearson will be gone next year.

  9. Pearson looks like he’s got one foot in a grave already.
    Resign and retire, will you?
    Satisfactory alternative? Get popped for DUI driving between that bar in Bloomington and his residence near Chatsworth every Friday and Saturday night after he’s able to drive again.

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