An aspiring career criminal who cops say carjacked an Uber driver five days after getting released for felony gun possession.  Cops tried to pull him over, he fled and ultimately crashed into a CPD vehicle.

And the judge released him until trial.

He didn’t even have to pinkie-swear to be a good boy.

And Chicago wonders why they have a violent crime problem.

From CWB Chicago….

CHICAGO — A Cook County judge refused to detain a Chicago man accused of carjacking an Uber driver, even though the man had been arrested for felony gun possession and fleeing police just five days earlier, according to court records.

Tamar Moses, 18, was arrested by Maywood police on April 9 after he allegedly sped away from a traffic stop, struck an unmarked squad car, and was found in possession of a loaded handgun.

Under provisions of Illinois’ criminal justice overhaul legislation called the SAFE-T Act, Moses was released from the police station without being brought before a judge, the court files say.

Just five days later, Chicago police arrested Moses after he was identified as one of two people who fired a handgun while carjacking an Uber driver on the West Side, a CPD arrest report said. The alleged hijacking occurred late on April 8, about three hours before Maywood police arrested Moses.

According to the CPD report, a 37-year-old Uber driver picked Moses and another person up in the 100 block of North Waller, the same block where Moses lives, around 11:30 p.m. As they neared the drop-off point, one of the hijackers fired a gun and ordered the driver to get out, the arrest report said.

Moses allegedly took control of the victim’s Hyundai and drove away. According to documents submitted by the prosecutors in the Maywood and city cases, Moses was driving the Uber driver’s Hyundai when he allegedly fled from Maywood police.

You’re on your own in Chicago, folks.  Act accordingly.

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  1. I often decry the fact that I reside in Illinois and can’t afford to move out of state. It could be a lot worse, I could live in the Chicago part of Illinois and not be able to afford to move. Lord, I’m sorry about my selfage thoughts. Could I ask one favor please? If there’s any gold buried around hear could you point it out? Please.

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