Illinois is a deep blue state on the whole. And along with deep blue comes a disregard of and even a hatred for issues like gun rights for the little people among many in the political class – even among some Republicans. What’s surprised me in this election season is the unabashedly pro-gun positions staked out by many candidates.

At Guns Save Life, we can’t endorse candidates because of our tax status. We do, however, educate the people on candidates’ positions. Here are some races we’re aware of with a substantive difference between the candidates in contested Republican primary races.

Why just a handful of Republican races? Because not a single pro-gun Democrat has reached out to us. Frankly, that should be alarming by itself, but shows how Democrats running for office have moved hard left, refusing to progress toward a future of freedom and instead promoting a system of gun control that reenacts past tyrannies.

Here are those races we covered in print and on the website.

Adam Niemerg vs. Jim Acklin:  102nd House District.

Adam Niemerg crushed Jim Acklin with over 85% of the ballots cast.  It wasn’t even close.

From WirePoints:

Members of the downstate Republican Freedom Caucus, Reps. Adam Niemerg, Blaine Wilhour and Brad Halbrook, all handily survived primary challenges this Tuesday.

The victories of Wilhour and Niemerg are particularly notable as they both faced teachers-union backed opponents. Wilhour won with a resounding 79% of the vote and Niemerg won an even bigger 88%.

And that’s after the unions spent several hundreds of thousands backing their candidates.


Regan Deering vs. Chuck Erickson:  88th House District.

Regan Deering took this one by by over a 2:1 margin.


Four-way race for State Senate 53rd District (Sen. Tom Bennett’s seat): Balkema, Faber, Kirkton, Wynn Bence

Chris Balkema came away with almost 50% of the votes in this four-way race.


Mike Bost vs. Darren Bailey.

Bost, a four term incumbent, narrowly missed getting primaried out of office by a very strong Darren Bailey.  Bost took this by less than 3%.  We’ll be watching Bost to see if he keeps drinking the water in DC.


14th Congressional District:  Jim Marter vs. Charlie Kim.

Jim Marter clobbered Charlie Kim, the Democrat who ran as a Dem in another district, then threw his hat in the ring as a Republican in the 14th Congressional District race.


17th Congressional District:  Judge Joe McGraw vs. Scott Crowl.

Judge Joe McGraw won this one by a 2:1 margin over farmer Scott Crowl.


7 thoughts on “ELECTION RESULTS: How things stacked up in elections GSL followed…”
  1. much of its population is a deep “criminal/fag & trans-it/illegal alien/lawyer/muslim/negro” state. fify

  2. Where I come from a lot of Democrats are gun owners and if you tell them that the party that they are voting with is out to take their firearms away from them. They will look you in the eye and call bullshit, that’s a lie that Republicans tell every election season. What I don’t understand is some of these fools are some of the smartest people I know. In the area where they aren’t intelligent, they are super stupid.

  3. my thoughts on the election. My opinion, our country is headed down the wrong path. ( me being
    polite). The response by the people, in Illinois, to the troubles of our nation, is one of the lowest election turn-outs ever.
    785,000 plus democrats voted. 585,000 plus republicans voted.
    Darren Bailey, an American first candidate, lost by less then 2600 votes, in a district of 30 plus counties of so-called conservatives.
    since o-biden has taken office, the number of illegal men, of military age, that have crossed our border now has a 6-1 advantage over the size of the US army and that number is growing
    My opinion; we are screwed

  4. I don’t understand the mopes who gave Bost a victory. What the f&*k is wrong with your brain? Incumbancy has as much to do with this result as stupid. Another argument in favor of harsh term limits.
    Land-O-Link, the smartest people I know, who are often judged by others as such due to education achievement, are actually the most ignorant among us. In life one has no better education than a punch in the face. BA, MA, PHD has nothing on learning how to improvise, adapt, and overcome.

    1. IMHO for the past 50 to 60 years college was for most a way to get out of being drafted or having to go to work. Some of my old running mates went to college for maybe only a couple of semesters and returned home burnt out they didn’t have to worry about getting drafted or getting a job. No one wanted them. My Dad said that he sent me off to military school and he was proud of me when I came home, got a job, and went to work. Life is good.

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