All hell broke loose when Gov. JB Pritzker posted on X about how “our elections are protected” in Illinois.  X users savaged the really big guy and WirePoints noticed:

With polls showing as few as 37% of Americans confident that our elections are open and honest, you wouldn’t think anybody would be bragging about integrity of the process. That’s especially true in Illinois, where the bungled vote count for Cook County State’s Attorney is rapidly getting even international attention.

But brag away is what Gov. JB Pritzker did. “Here in Illinois, our elections are protected,” he wrote on X (Twitter) last week. “We’re not scared of more of our people exercising their right to vote. That’s why we’ve expanded early voting, curbside voting, and made the vote-by-mail registry permanent to protect your fundamental right.”

The replies were savage — over 500 of them and counting, almost entirely negative.

Here are some of them:

Protected from what…? Is this a bad joke? You have @ToniPreckwinkle trying to steal an election in front of everyone for @ClaytonforCook…. Curbside or graveside…?  Why is it so hard for me to show my ID at the voting booth…?  Curbside cheating…I’d think that a valid form of identification would really help. It’s concerning that showing an ID is considered some sort of inequitable requirement that contributes to systematic racism & is some sort of violation of rights…You mean to make our elections impossible to audit and inherently unsecure…. Wow. This was sent in the literal middle of one of the biggest corrupt election theft jobs in crook county history…What about voter ID ? Stand up for real voting integrity. No, didn’t really think you would. Phoney…Stalin would be proud of you comrade…You made election stealing permanent. A national disgrace.

8 thoughts on “WirePoints: Pritzker boasts about ‘protected’ Illinois elections. Mockery ensues.”
  1. Some Pritzker family members moved the Pritzker Military Museum & Library to Wisconsin.
    What does that tell you?

  2. Yeah, our “elections” are protected, ….protected from dissenting votes contrary to the democRAT-i-KKK party’s politicians!
    REMEMBER:, …it is not who or how voters cast their ballots, …it matters who and how many ballots are counted, and/or rejected/destroyed/lost…etc.
    Your Marxist democRATS having a party.
    Pray for the salvation of America’s Constitutional Republic!

  3. We no longer have elections in blue states. We have political theater. So many ways to vote, so many ways twist ballot counts in demon rats favor.

  4. Need an ID to buy alcohol, make a bank deposit/withdrawal, enter ‘nightclubs’, cash a check or write one, get on an aircraft, buy a vehicle. Somehow asking for an ID and matching a signature at a polling place is raciss’.
    Traitors all, all traitors should be hung by the neck until dead.

    1. Agreed, with all these communists and tyrants, we need to bring back public hangings and guillotines.

  5. Anyone standing or sitting in front of JB is in imminent danger If one of those shirt buttons has enough stress on it and comes flying off anyone in the line of fire could be severely wounded or killed. The best and safest thing to do would be to seek shelter behind a sturdy object like a tree, car, or hot dog cart. Good luck and maintain your situational awareness.

    1. FU very much, no one is going to your scam website, GO AWAY or post your thoughts on subjects on this site. BITCOIN IS A FARCE and should be ignored!

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