File this one under “should have been a defensive gun use.”  Of course, Illinois gun control laws kept the mentally handicapped woman disarmed and helpless aboard her suburban Chicago PACE bus.  So what did one of their drivers do?  He put his hat over the camera on the bus and molested the woman on multiple occasions.

Cops caught up with him and he was sentenced this past week under what passes for “justice” in America’s Murder City.

What did the judge do for Burnell Johnson, the guy who was convicted of sexually assaulting a 33-year-old woman with cerebral palsy?

CHICAGO — A suburban Chicago bus driver accused of sexually assaulting a female passenger living with cerebral palsy has been sentenced to 81 months in prison. However, because Burnell Johnson spent nearly six years on electronic monitoring while the case was pending, he will not serve any actual prison time.

Johnson, 66, pleaded guilty this week to one count of aggravated criminal sexual assault of a handicapped person, according to court records. Judge Neera Walsh handed down the sentence.

Prosecutors pled it down to a single charge of aggravated criminal sexual assault of a handicapped person and the judge gave him a whole 81 months in prison.

But wait!

Prison sentences in Illinois are like dog years in reverse.

Burnell Johnson won’t have to spend a day in jail thanks to good time credit and time spent on so-called “electronic home monitoring” ahead of the trial.

And Chicago wonders why it has a crime problem.


2 thoughts on “CHICAGO ‘JUSTICE’: PACE bus driver serially molests mentally disabled woman, convicted, serves zero days in prison”
  1. As I fuss with the plank in my eye, it sounds like the convict would make a great pillar of salt candidate. After re-reading CWB, it never mentioned if PACE fired the convict.

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