America’s elites, just like those elsewhere in the world, hate the little people. These wealthy and powerful people hold everyday Americans in utter contempt. In fact, it’s almost like they want to take us back to the Stone Age when it comes to prosperity and life – or lack thereof.

They want to ration food and energy to protect Mother Earth – or Gaia. They want us to eat bugs while they enjoy Waygu beef and sip the finest wines.

They want to ban private property and “transition” to a digital currency to increase their control over your life. How will they control you? You’ll have a “social score.” Play nice, life will be easy. Cause problems? You’ll find your bank account frozen until you fall back into compliance.

If you think the elites support commoners’ right to keep and bear arms, you’ve been spending too much time at the marijuana dispensary.

Gun ownership stands in the way of their great “sustainable development” plans for mankind. So guns must be regulated then banned. First registered then confiscated.

If you look under the hood of the “Green New Deal,” Agenda 21, Agenda 30 and all the rest, all you will find is authoritarianism – strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom. Authoritarianism is a lot of letters for one word so let’s simplify it: communism.

These people advocating for these “Great Reset” plans, whether do-gooders or would-be tyrants want complete government control over all aspects of life. Don’t think for a second they aren’t already implementing these “sustainable development” rules at the local level. Just look at your local zoning rules and plans for future growth (and restrictions on land use development outside of those urban areas).

Even the great serial drunk driver State Rep. Kam Buckner introduced a bill in the Illinois House to ban single-family housing neighborhoods state-wide. Klaus Schwab and George Soros no doubt send their thanks along with a case of the finest vodka.

Be it the World Economic Forum or the Uniparty controlling American government composed of both Democrats and Establishment Republicans, they all support either outright Marxism/communism or a close cousin.

“You will own nothing and you will like it.”

Fighting back.
Can you do something about this? You bet. The low-information types are voting us into this. By educating those less-informed in your sphere of influence, you can help people to understand the truth so we will all be better, smarter citizens. This might be in your household and workplace. It might also include your friends, family and neighbors. It also might include members of any clubs and organizations you belong to. Whatever the size of your megaphone, use it.

What else can you do? Vote. Every single time. Show up at the meetings of your local government. City council meetings, school board meetings, and all those other “little” government meetings. If they’re considering adopting this “globalism” stuff, bring your friends and speak up. Educate them.

How do you know where to go for super-critical deliberations? Join organizations that help track these issues. For instance, the John Birch Society fights those promoting globalism and communism. They help mobilize opposition to these programs and have success shutting these proposals down through education for those willing to listen.

Who else? The Illinois Freedom Alliance is working along similar lines, including their great work fighting for election integrity programs.

You might even consider working within your local political party to affect change. A strong grassroots program starts with precinct committeemen, poll watchers and election judges.

While it might sound like work to fight back against the New World Order or whatever they’ve rebranded themselves as this week, it’s nothing compared to what our Founding Fathers risked to give us the greatest nation on Earth. If we can keep it.

7 thoughts on “The ‘Elites’ hate you and me… but we can still fight back”
  1. Supportive publications from Northwoods University:
    McNair Center National Energy Report Card.
    Students in Defense of Freedom (collection of multi-topic essays).

  2. Mr. Boch can complain about communists and globalists all day long but it doesn’t mean jack shit when he turns right around and apologizes for the police. Who’s going to enforce all of this globalism agenda on the people? THE POLICE. Who enforces globalist and communist laws? THE POLICE. Mr. Boch can complain about the Uniparty all day long but when he supports the Republican Party he does in fact support the Uniparty. That’s what they are, controlled opposition. Democrats pass a gun ban and then 100% of the Republicans have to adhere to this Back the Blue cult religion because they are terrified of being called anti-cop so they empower the very ones enforcing Democrat policy. Unless and until “the right” gets over this self-defeating cop worship this country is doomed.

    1. True.

      The uniparty republicrats just helped pass a new budget that will bankrupt your grandchildren’s grandchildren before they’re ever even imagined.

      Yay, republicrats!!

      My bro says the only difference between the democrats and the Republicrats is the democrats want to drive off the cliff at 100 miles an hour and the Republicrats, well they wanna drive off the cliff at a modest and reasonable twelve miles an hour.

      Happy Palm Sunday all! I wish you and your family peace.

  3. I would like to see recognition of publically elected officeholders at our monthly meetings along the same lines that we do for veterans. I believe this would encourage others to run for office. There are many counties in Illinois where there are no Republican Precinct Committeemen, more than half I’m told I said Republican because there are 2 major parties. If you don’t like the Republican party that’s fine, you can go be a Democrat and fight alongside them for your Second Amendment rights. You are either a Republican or a Commie Democrat. I consider myself to be a Populist Nationalist and I’m a member of the Republican party because they are closer to my beliefs than the Democrats. I look around at our meetings and I see few young people who we need to carry on when we are gone. Surely we all know of a younger person who thinks along the same lines we do.. Let’s start bringing some to our meetings. No matter who you are or what you do politics will enter into it.

  4. The pols will eventually make themselves targets. So will the low information voters. I’m not sayin’…..
    I am not sure where the law enforcement angle came into the response top this article. I can tell you, as a retired LEO, DO NOT trust the police.

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