Authorities and the media are calling an 11-year-old young man a hero after he shot a domestic abuser who was strangling his pregnant mother. It happened in Charlotte, North Carolina late Wednesday at a hotel. A man who was known to the woman broke into the family’s room around 11pm and began battering and then strangling the pregnant 27-year-old mom.

Her son, seeing the attack in progress, then grabbed a gun and shot her attacker, ending the assault.

Queen City News has more details:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say an 11-year-old boy shot a man to defend his pregnant mother against an attack from a hotel room intruder.

Police have warrants out for the suspect.

Investigators said he broke into a hotel room and started attacking a pregnant mother when her young son stepped in and shot him.

According to CMPD, the break-in and shooting happened late Wednesday, March 13, after 11 p.m. at the InTown Suites just off I-77 in west Charlotte.

Investigators said a man busted into a hotel room and started attacking the 27-year-old pregnant mom, leaving her with bruises and scratches.

Police said the woman knew her attacker, and it was a domestic violence situation.

Detectives said the woman’s 11-year-old son saw his mom getting attacked, and the young boy rushed in and shot the intruder.

The suspect and the pregnant woman were taken to the hospital.

Police said the young boy is not facing any charges.

An 11-year-old isn’t a young boy. Not any more. That’s a young man and this particular one is made of stout stuff. His mom gets a huge attagirl for raising a lion, not a sheep for a son.

Hopefully the young man won’t be too negatively impacted by the experience. In the meantime, does mom need another pistol?

7 thoughts on “RAISE LIONS, NOT SHEEP: 11-year-old shoots man strangling his pregnant mother in NC”
  1. At first read this seems like a “Yeah for the good guy story” but after 2nd thought I’m not so sure. I’m glad that mom & son survived the attack but troubled that this young boy and mom were victims of domestic violence. I was taught to secure weapons so kids can’t get at them. I guess it was a good thing that this parent didn’t ? Is this boy a hero ? Sure but he’s also a victim, likely a victim of his mom’s choices and societal ills. I’m not judging.I hope that the attacker is caught and punished and that the boy and his family gets the help that they”ll need so this boy can go on to enjoy what’s left of his childhood. Mom’s going to need more then a pistol,

  2. Remember, too…never, ever believe the first iteration of any story like this.

    Do your research.

    1. Remember too, …”ken” is a liar and imagines that fractions cannot be added together. Do your research, read his past posts.

  3. Let’s see, 27yo mom, 11yo son, Mom was 16yo when son was born, wonder if she finished high school. My guess is she didn’t choose her “male friends” wisely, wonder where son’s “sperm-donor” is if male intruder isn’t the “s-d”. It is good that mom wasn’t killed so she can continue raising son and future offspring (from pregnancy), maybe, but single moms raise more male children that grow older to be criminals, “ner-do-wells?” than males raised by two-parent families with a stable father or “father-figure” to guide and raise a male productive citizen, just sayin’. Hope all ends well for the mom and children, FWIW.
    Pray for the salvation of America to return to our Constitutional Republic and the downfall of the Marxist politicians trying to destroy America as founded.

  4. Honestly its good if he saved his mom. But saying the mom knew the guy shows she’s a dumbass and puts herself in shit situations, I hope she learns from this and doesn’t end up endangering her children. On another note they both need therapy. The boy for his traumatic experience and the mom from trauma and stupidity.

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