(GSL) – Nobody has ever said that the .22 Long Rifle makes a man-stopper defensive cartridge. However people still carry it for self-defense purposes. Maybe people have disabilities that preclude a more traditional center-fire cartridge for defensive purposes. Others prefer the ultra-petite size and weight of some small pocket pistols. Or there may be budgetary or availability considerations in a person’s life.

No matter the reason, I know plenty of normal people who carry a .22 everyday. When I ask them about it, they remind me that a .22 in the pocket beats a .45 in the safe at home. Scoring hits with a .22 might not put a bad guy down, but they’ll give him reason to reconsider how badly he wants to dance.  And they will reduce an attacker’s combat effectiveness.

Personally, for those who opt for a .22 for self-defense, I’ve always steered them towards the CCI Stinger cartridge. Before now.

CCI has a new round out called the CCI Uppercut. The manufacturer says it’s engineered for reliability in short-barreled pistols. It fires a 32gr. projectile at about 950fps from a short-barrel.

With an MSRP of $12.99 for 50 rounds, it’s not cheap, but it’s not stupid expensive either.

What impressed me in some videos I’ve watched is the consistent expansion of the bullets thanks to a new design. Even when fired through barriers like denim, they still expand every time. Every. Single. Time.

The bottom line: If you or someone you know carry a .22 Long Rifle for defensive purposes, you might look into the Uppercut.  It certainly outperforms your average hollowpoint .22.

3 thoughts on “CCI’s new Uppercut defensive .22LR: Reliable function, expansion from short-barreled defensive pistols”
  1. Thank you Mr. Boch for letting us know about this new ammo. great video and looks like a a nice choice for a semi auto rifle too. As far as .22 goes it may not be a great stopper but giving a bad guy a close range fateful of these should make him want to pick someone else.

  2. I’m sold on he ammo so who has it in stock. Everywhere I look is says “out of stock”.

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