America’s largest open-air shooting gallery provides countless stories of violence inflicted upon others on a daily basis. The murder and mayhem in Democrat Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s crime-free utopia (thanks to strict gun control laws) provides more than enough violent news for HeyJackass to track.

While some of these incidents are tragedies, others aren’t so much.

CWBChicago, a hometown crime blog, tracks the individual cases including one with a mostly happy ending. In December 2020, a 68-year-old motorist angered a gangbanger named Quincy Cole in America’s murder city. We covered it shortly after Cole’s arrest. When both cars stopped for a light, Cole rolled down his rear passenger window and blasted away at the old man in the next car.

So too did at least two of the other four occupants in Cole’s ride.  Police found a total of 24 shell casings from three guns.

In his zeal to kill the old fellow in the next car, Cole managed to blast his rear passenger seat occupant Roderick James, 19, with four rounds. Interestingly, cops from three spent casings from Roderick James’ gun outside the car at the shooting scene. Meaning that instead of ducking, James tried to kill the old man too but got killed instead by his partner in crime, saving taxpayers a bundle in incarceration costs.

Not only that, but Cole killed Mr. James so well that he didn’t even need an ambulance ride to the hospital.

It only took three-plus years, but Cole was convicted of the crime and a judge sentenced him to 12 whole years for murdering his buddy. With credit for time served, Mr. Cole will likely be released in time for Christmas 2026.

CWB Chicago has the story:

CHICAGO — A West Side man has pleaded guilty to unintentionally killing his back seat passenger while trying to shoot another driver in December 2020, according to court records.

Quincy Cole, 29, was on bail for a pending arson case when he unintentionally shot 19-year-old Roderick James in the chest four times, officials said. He was found guilty in the arson case last April and received a six-year sentence. Chicago police records show detectives wanted to charge him with murder in the arson matter, but prosecutors rejected their request.

Prosecutors said Cole was driving a car with four additional passengers when another driver pulled up on their right side at a red light near the intersection of Bloomington and Laramie on December 6, 2020.

The other driver, a 68-year-old man, told police that he saw the passenger window of Cole’s car roll down to reveal a man pointing a gun at his head. He dove and heard bullets striking his car before Cole sped away, officials said.

Props to the old fella for good situational awareness. It might have saved his life!

Twelve years for a felon out on bail on an arson case who gets a gun illegally and then tries to murder an innocent person but kills his buddy instead.

And Chicago residents wonder why they have a violent crime problem.

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  1. Hard to believe with all the foreign objects flying thru the air in Cook County that any legendary (in their own minds) people haven’t ended up as a large magnet by crossfire or otherwise. That’s the only way we’ll get away from cheesy, unmeaningful prosecutions and sentences.

  2. With bad guys shootiing other bad guys, one would think that Darwinism would reduce the number of these shootings over time.

  3. anything bez ok in crime-sha world! but this is the state that paroled timothy buss after he murdered a little girl.

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