The publicly cocksure of himself Democrat Rep. Bob Morgan has increasingly shown he’s an angry little man in private.  He’s incensed that law-abiding gun owners by the millions are ignoring the gun registration mandate in his pet gun control bill that Gov. JB Pritzker signed on January 10th of last year.  He and the worst of the worst of the gun grabbers are thinking a couple of steps ahead on how they can try to turn humiliating non-compliance into a political win.

Yep, instead of sending teams out to hammer gang members in Chicago and other larger locales who are shooting up their cities, Lil Bob Morgan and friend want to send out special Illinois State Police teams (buttressed by officers from sympathetic agencies) to do “gun enforcement raids” of FOID-holders who may or may not have registered their “banned” self-defense guns, accessories and .50BMG ammunition.

See, Bob Morgan doesn’t like gun owners.  Gun owners can protect themselves and their families without waiting for the police to arrive.  They don’t “need” anyone else to perform their protective duties to their significant others and their offspring.  You’ve heard of mama bears and papa bears?  Well nothing makes sharp claws quite like a firearm.

Even single women can defend themselves against multiple, much physically stronger attackers thanks to a firearm.

Like the old Colt commercial:  God created man and woman.  Sam Colt made them equal.

People of the gun rely on themselves instead of government, and by extension, politicians like Bob Morgan and JB Pritzker.

Gun owners are typically successful, smart and law-abiding.  They also tend to be self-reliant and independent, too.  Not Bob Morgan’s preferred low-information type of voters.

Is there a chance a gun owner fathered Bob Morgan’s children?   Cuckoldry is a thing now, after all.  Is that why Bob Morgan doesn’t like gun owners?

Obviously the gun controllers in Illinois wish they had a gun registry from the past thirty years.  They don’t have a registry, but they have something that’s almost as good:  The FTIP registry.

Typically, when the Illinois State Police are tracing a gun involved in an investigation of some sort, they’ll consult their historical database of FTIP approvals.  They’ll contact the dealers from which they’ve issued those FTIP approval(s) and ask that dealers fax back the ATF Form 4473s related to those FTIP approvals.  With that they have the make, model and serial number of the purchased firearm, along with the date it was picked up.

Now the ISP is supposed to have a subpoena to get those records, but many dealers have in the past just returned the forms for a simple ask.  In short, the dealers are trusting the ISP not to abuse the process.  However, that trust may soon be unfounded as ISP comes under orders from JB Pritzker to help nab some gun purchasers who aren’t conforming to the “Protect Illinois Communities Act” registration requirement.

Let’s say they’re looking into some guy by the name of Joe Sixpack.  Joe’s been what Rep. Bob Morgan considers a “prolific” purchaser.  He’s bought an average of one gun every year from the past twenty years, sometimes more.   That puts the man firmly in the basket of deplorables.

What’s more, when ISP does a very quick search of their registration affidavits, they can’t find any Joseph Sixpacks in their database.

What Rep. Bob Morgan and his buddies are trying to do is find a sympathetic jurisdiction (Lake, Cook and Champaign Counties:  here’s looking at you) to do some compliance checks on those buyers.  First, they will find the most prolific buyers (from the FTIP approval list) and then open an “investigation” of those law-abiding gun owners.  They’ll send out those requests to dealers to pull the 4473s and fax them to ISP as part of an “investigation.”  Some sharp-eyed dealers may demand to see a subpoena with a judge’s signature.  If the ISP or a surrogate agency can’t get a cooperating judge to sign off on a formal subpoena, then ISP won’t get a complete list, but it’ll be fairly complete due to trusting gun dealers (or the ATF registry from dealers who have gone out of business).  If the ISP finds banned guns on the purchase list, but not on the registry, they’ll have a reason to send a “gun compliance team” out to that gun owner’s residence to do a “knock and talk.”

Some have even suggested that Bob Morgan and friend want to come up with a way to get a valid search warrant for this fishing excursion.

The highly-trained and experienced ISP investigators may buffalo their way into the homes of some.  The “gun compliance teams” will seek “voluntary” compliance in the form of the gun owner surrendering their banned guns in exchange for empty promises of “leniency.”  They might even prefer to talk to the wives of these gun owners figuring the women will be easier to sweet-talk (intimidate?) into compliance.  Or maybe even better yet, minor (teenage) children.  Yes, if your teen (or even younger) child admits police into your home for a consensual search, that search may not be thrown out!

Or they may find a gun owner more like yours truly who tells them to go pound sand and come back with a warrant.  “In the meantime, get off my lawn.”

“Oh, but Mr. Sixpack, if you cooperate with us today we’ll make sure that we’re as lenient as possible when we write our report.  You want to be seen as a good guy, right?”

In the words of Justin Bieber (congrats on this video now up to 1.8 BILLION views):

The moral of the story:  don’t talk to the police.  Don’t answer any questions.  Definitely don’t sign anything and whatever you do, NEVER consent to searches.

Quick reminder:  a “lenient” felony is still a life-changing felony.


11 thoughts on “THEY’RE BIG MAD & DESPERATE: Rep. Bob Morgan, et al plot to ‘Spot Check’ ‘prolific’ gun buyers for compliance to PICA gun registry after Jan. 1st”
  1. Just my personal opinion, but certain gun controller types in this state fit the FBI psychological profile for a mass-shooter type themselves. Only an observation of course.
    Never trust someone who forces a smile like this clown does.

  2. But, but, but aren’t MAGA types wanting a Fascist State?

    Also, what role does the State Dealer Licensing Bill play in the 4473 search and seizure?

    1. I love these little ThickTok types that try to sell the tired old left=communism, right=fascism nonsense. Fascism, Nazism, and Communism are ALL leftist ideologies born of the common parentage of socialism. The opposite end of the scale is Capitalism, Republicanism, and Democracy. Listening to a skid mark like Joe Bribem screech about our democracy is absolute drivel for the uninformed.
      Nazis and Fascists competed for the same goals and resources in World War II against the Communists, for example. Their methodology was identical with slight societal differences. The entire Right=Fascists meme is one of the most ridiculous to be pushed these days, but it comes right out of college campuses as a deflection for what they actually teach. This is textbook Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: Always accuse your opponents of what you are doing. yourself.

    2. Norm, Make America Great Again “types” want America’s politicians to adhere to our Constitution; Fascism is what the democRAT–KKK PARTY under the puppet-master Oblah-ma and puppet Joe Bribe’im are now imposing on Ameria’s citizens. Like the old drunk “Norm” on sit-com “Cheers” you are clueless in real-world politics.
      Pray for America, let’s hope Norm types forget to vote in November, they listen to Marxist news and think they are “informed” but are actually delusional.

  3. I thought the justine beeber song was reserved for me, love?

    By the by, it seems johnboch hasn’t lairnt his lesson yet. In addition to calling the perfectly-lovely daughter of our illustrious governor a whoor, just because he detests Jabba the Gut’s politics, now he calls another man whose politics he detests a “cuckhold” and HIS wife, by extension, a whoor, too.

    These things are defamatory, johnboch. And if you had a soul or a conscience, you would be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! Alas, you are not. So I’m here to point it out: IF you’re going to be the face and the voice of our second amendment movement, we’re going to require you to be a GENTLEMAN. AND NOT to call other men’s wives and daughters whoors.

    GOT IT?

    1. EVERYTHING is “about YOU”, isn’t it “ken”, narcissist that you are, ONE of the traits of narcissism, yet you try to deny your self-centered pathetic “personality” (if what you exhibit is an actual “personality”), and just as in “beebe brain’s” song, go “love” yerself (as in Fucx yerself) because no one else gives a damn about you or your posts, even your “clone aliases” can’t stand your pathetic rambling piles of manure screeds, idiot. You have to post as another “person” to “praise” your own posts, that is the height of NARCISSISM, or maybe the total depth? How low can you go?
      JUST GO AWAY, “ken” and fux yerself so you won’t feel unloved, as if I care.

    2. Haha!

      I sure do stick in YOUR CRAW, though, don’t I, you ol’ fart!?

      How DO you feel about johnboch calling another man’s wife a whoor? His daughter? And him a cuck? Them’s fightin’ words, in any court in the land.

      Oddly, johnboch is SILENT through ALL OF THIS. He’s not retracted his accusations. He’s doubling down on ’em.

      Laydees? Are there any LAYDEES (Jesse Peterson) here? How DO YOU FEEL about our illustrious leader calling women whores?

    3. Where’s your “baby girl” “Amy”, “Amy’s daddy dr. ken”? Why hasn’t “she” posted since I have called her out for being one of your made-up posters? Is she a LAYDEE? Have you been “playing doctor” with her again/still? just askin’; Is she really Jelly Belly’s daughter, the one you (still) lust after?
      JUST GO AWAY, “ken”, you pathetic narcissist.

    4. I don’t see how you think this is all about me when, in fact, the subject matter of my post is johnboch calling other men’s wives and daughters whoors.

      Lay off the pipe and get some sleep you cranky old coot!

    5. YOu write it YOURSELF idiot “ken”! from your post: “I thought the justine beeber song was reserved for me’
      YOU are the one who thinks it’s “all about YOU”, that is exclusively NARCISSISM you mentally deficient idiot! Apparently you are too demented to understand common American English, or you have no concept of your blatant narcissist-ikkk traits. You really are pathetic, “ken”, why isn’t your “baby girl” “Amy”, spouting out about your problem with J.Boch, after all, don’t you post as “Amy’s daddy dr. Ken”, are you still playing doctor with her?, Is she your “skankily clad” nurse? in your perverted dreams.

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