Mayor Brandon Johnson, taking time between hospitalizations for panic attacks when things don’t go his way, announced that he supports removing all Chicago Police School Resource Officers from the Chicago Public Schools.  Why does he and the left hate the little people?

Because NOTHING bad ever happens in and around Chicago Public Schools property.  Certainly not double murders like last Friday.

School resource officers save lives and deter violent crime.

They also stop attempted murder sprees in schools.

But Brandon Johnson wants them out.  From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson says he supports ending the controversial Chicago Public Schools program that puts uniformed police officers in dozens of high schools.

The mayor said in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times and WBEZ on Tuesday that he will give the Board of Education the green light to end its $10.3 million contract with the Chicago Police Department. CPS officials told principals in early January to prepare for the possible removal of police officers by next fall.

“The Board of Education is moving in the direction that I do support,” the mayor said in his conference room on City Hall’s fifth floor. “There is an intergovernmental agreement between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Police Department. To end that agreement, there’s no qualms from me there.”

7 thoughts on “WHY DO THEY HATE THE LITTLE PEOPLE? Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson supports removing school resource officers from Chicago Public Schools”
  1. If mayor conehead doesn’t care about skoul “safety”, why would anyone else? De chillins tend to be going to skoul to learn about thug life on de streets and maybe the gay agenda and tranny conversions, tolerance, diversity, equity, blah, blah, blah. The skoul adminis-traitors, aka: the “teacher’s” unions, do not care about education, just indoctrination and their paychecks, so why bother with skoul “safety”, unless of course it is the “teacher’s” protection FROM the students.

  2. All part of the plan for total civilian disarmament. Liberal scum politicians like Brandon, Diapers Bribem, Dick sucker Durbin, Berry “the bottom boy ” Obama, etc. Freedom hating groups like Brady Bunch, Skank Moms Demand Action, Etc. love love love a good mass murder and the more dead kids the better. After a nice blood bath they pile up the bodies and climb on top to exploit the tragedy. The very first thing they do is call for more “gun control”. These Marxist wackos know nobody will give them any attention so they need something bad to happen so they can crawl out from under the rock. Of course publicly funded ARMED security for anti gun politicians will continue and the shit stain lemmings that vote for them don’t mind knowing they get to be the food while the politician who pisses on them is kept safe.

    1. Tell it like it is, Bill, you say it better than I can! Agree totally! Those who deny defensive arms from citizens do not deserve protection paid for by taxes on those very citizens!

  3. Wouldn’t this run counter to all the lessons learned from the Uvalde investigation? Are the SROs, or their equivalents, to be reassigned to another protective detail?

    By-the-way, since the US Dept. of Education expends tax funds on a SWAT team operations weapons and ammo, as identified by Open the Books, what school(s) are they directly responsible for?

  4. Why? Because they hold us in low esteem. They view everyday people with contempt. We’re only worth a shit once every election cycle.

  5. Now remember, Chicago is going to be red hot because of the upcoming Presidential election and the DNC party event. Those schools will be closed more than open.

  6. Nah, he’s right on this. it’s just a cop Union employment scheme period when you think of SRo’s, think of Uvalde. they put the fattest laziest, oldest, most worthless pigs on the force in schools, and they don’t have to do anything. And there’s only one school shooting instance in the last 40 years where the cops did anything and that was the last one where it was a transwhatever.

    Cancel this contract and there’s 10.3 million dollars to spend on other social programs like free housing for illegal aliens or free drugs for drug addicts. Or sweetheart no bid deals for the mayor’s girlfriends.

    But no more cop employment schemes please.

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