Folks have to pay attention to their surroundings while driving, especially in urban and even suburban locales.  What do you look for?  Anything outside of the baseline of normalcy.  What’s more, if you see three “outside of the baseline of normalcy” behaviors from a particular person/vehicle, watch out.   It can happen anywhere, not just in the inner city hellholes one typically thinks are blighted with serious crime.

Let’s look at this video of what would likely have been a carjacking, but it was thwarted without incident by a driver paying attention.  It happened right outside a Target store!

Behavior outside the baseline of normalcy:

  1.  No headlights.  Are they drunk, clueless, tired?
  2. The abrupt U-turn on a bridge without a signal.
  3. The suspect car ultimately blocked both lanes and stopped.  Why?

Why?  Because they were waiting for the target vehicle to get within a few car lengths so they could hop out, surround the driver and take his or her ride.

Situational awareness allows you to avoid bad situations that might require the use of force against perps.

3 thoughts on “SITUATIONAL AWARENESS: Here’s what an attempted carjacking looks like [VIDEO]”
  1. If I’d been in Chicago just off I-55 and they had done that, I think I would have put it in reverse and backed away. Otherwise, I would have darted around them in the other lanes. And if they emerged with pistols, I would have made sure I clipped them on the way. My $250 deductible will be suck, but the satisfaction of crippling a ‘banger trying to carjack me? Priceless.

  2. When pumping gas have your head on a swivel. Years ago at a gas station. I spotted a guy in a camo hoodie and hat. In Florida no less. Making a bee line for my truck. Before he got to close. I yelled, what do you need? He asked which direction are you going? I replied. You need a ride? He enthusiastically said yes. To which said, absolutely not. It’s a wild west world out there. Stay frosty sisters and brothers.

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