Last week, we covered a brand new gun rights organization to the Illinois scene.  The “Illinois Firearms Association” claims to be the only “No Compromise” gun rights organization.  Hardcore right?  You bet.

They claimed in the second paragraph of their fundraiser mailing sent weeks after their registration with the Illinois Secretary of State as a non-profit that they were challenging last year’s AR-15 ban in Federal Circuit Court.

The only problem, among many, is that they don’t have a challenge.  They haven’t filed a lawsuit.  Instead, their parent organization filed an amicus “friend of the court” brief.  And they watched a hearing from the gallery.  Hardcore, right?  You bet.

What is their footprint in Illinois?  As best we can tell, aside from a mountain of fundraising mail sent to our state’s residents is a VOIP or cell phone (burner phone?), a Facebook page with a few posts, and a private mailbox in a UPS Store in Peoria, IL.  Hardcore, right?  You’re darn tootin’!

Let’s look at their Facebook page:

One like.  From Kathryn Dorr.  No comments.  No shares.

One like.  No comments.

So last week I called the number on their IFA website.  Alex Dorr answered.  I identified myself and asked for more information about the IFA.  Alex launched into an elevator speech about how they’re going to turn things around in Illinois.

How so?

He claimed how he planned on holding Republican legislators accountable for the failure to move pro-gun bills.  He said squishy RINOs aren’t standing up to fight for gun owners in Springfield.

That sounds pretty good, so I asked him to give me specific names and he wouldn’t.

Then I asked for ways they could do so but aren’t, especially as they’re the super-minority party.  “Just what are they supposed to do?”

“Well, they’re not calling bills.”

“Really Alex?  The Democrat leadership controls which bills get called for votes.  They control which committees bills are sent to before that.”

“No, no.  Any two legislators can call for a floor vote on any bill using a procedural motion,” he says.  “That’s fighting back.”

Laughing at his ignorant remark delivered with such authority, I said, “I’m not sure what state you’re from, but that’s not how it works in the Illinois General Assembly.”  Turns out he’s a registered lobbyist who according to the American Firearms Association’s website lives in Georgia, roughly 595.5 miles from Springfield, IL.

But he and his brother Aaron want your money though.

Oh, how they want your money.

Mental health exams for gun owners?  Right.

So we profiled these folks last week and they’ve been conspicuously quiet.  We know they’ve read our report (as has the NRA-ILA and Buckeye Firearms and others).  And not a peep.

Instead, Aaron Dorr puts out videos crying “The Sky is Falling!” and oh, by the way, give us money to stop these “bills”(?) that haven’t even been introduced yet.  Even if they were introduced, they wouldn’t pass.  But not because of anything a bunch of grifters brothers living in Georgia did or didn’t do.

Image via Facebook (IL Firearms Association)

If you want to support the Dorr Brothers personal lives and those of their buddies in their well-oiled non-scam and non-grift machine that does what some would say is between little to nothing and outright alienation of our allies, then give generously when you get their fundraising mailings.  Or donate to them out of the blue.  You’ll be supporting future mailings to yourself and others as they try to pump well-meaning but lower-information gun owners of hard-earned cash.

4 thoughts on “Illinois Firearms Association laying low after GSL’s exposé of their grift-like fundraising entrance to the Land of Lincoln”
  1. Great job on this. It’s bad enough putting up with Fat Bastard and his gun-grabbing entourage, but getting ripped off by some damn poser like this is beyond the pale. Hard enough to scrape dollars together these days to support worthwhile causes.

  2. “Even while we challenge the AR-15 ban…”
    That’s fraud right there. Scumbags and scoundrels. And then the guy doesn’t know that two legislators can’t call jack shit if it hasn’t been approved by committees. And then there’s the three readings rule.

  3. John,
    They were probably hoping you forgot about it since it wasn’t even on the website homepage any longer.

  4. How do I get my sister’s name off of their mailing list? She’s now in a nursing home. No one answers the phone number listed.

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