Ladies and gentlemen: After ten weeks of the Illinois gun registry accepting entries, barely three-tenths of one percent of gun owners have complied.

99.7% have not.

This graph above is what 99.7% non-compliance looks like.

Of 2.4M Firearms Owners ID Card holders in Illinois, only 8143 have registered something.  To remain compliant with the new law, owners of naughty guns have less than two weeks to complete the registry.

Governor Pritzker recently touted with glee that “THOUSANDS” of gun owners were complying the the gun registry.

We point out that it’s equally accurate to say that MILLIONS aren’t.

If I had to guess, JB and Kwame are probably feeling a little tense.  Their great gun control triumph has proven nothing but an epic failure when it comes to compliance.

13 thoughts on “LESS THAN TWO WEEKS LEFT! This is what 99.7% NON-COMPLIANCE to gun registration looks like…”
  1. I ran into one yesterday. A retired guy, guessing an accountant or something similar. He registered a HiPoint 9mm carbine.
    Don’t you feel safer now?

    1. Imagine if half of the “registered” firearms are not the “scarry black rifles” the democRAT-i-KKK Marxists want to ban, but because of confused “compliers”, the firearms they register are not on the “list” to be registered/banned/confiscated? Wouldn’t that be the best “joke” on the Marxists that would help drive them totally bat-poop crazy!? Epic fail!

    1. Yup, I came to the comment section just to say this. JB’s political dissidents, all 2,400,000 million of them, will be felons he can put in prison. The other purpose of this bill is so that the local progressives in your neighborhood can rat you out to the police for having guns. “He’s got illegal, scary black long guns” and suddenly a SWAT team is surrounding your house because you have ‘banned’ guns, and, well, you voted in the Republican primary last year too. They’ll raid your house on a ‘tip’ from your AWFL neighbor. If you think any state’s attorney is going save you, think again, they’ll prosecute you too when JB threatens to remove them from office for dereliction of duty.

  2. My guns, etc (that the scum don’t like) are now in Tennessee. I know of at least 20 people whose stuff is now in Iowa. There are some Iowa gun dealers offering storage plans. I would guess that Wisconsin, Indiana and Kentucky have similar plans.

    1. What the fuck do you expect people to do, you jackoff? Risk everything they have built their entire lives because the fucking government declares us criminals for the heinous act of buying a legal product and using it responsibly? Why don’t you get your tongue out of your own asshole, and tell us how we are supposed to fight back against this, when even the courts have hung us out to dry.

      Fucking putz.

    2. It could be a “show of force” for all law-abiding firearms owners of ILL-Annoy to attempt a “class-action” lawsuit declaring that any and all legislators, Kwame da fool, and Jelly-Belly the Prikster, who have endorsed and pushed unconstitutional legislation/laws be declared felons for subverting the U S Constitution and the civil Rights declared sacrosanct, enshrined in the Bill of Rights for America’s law-abiding citizens.
      Treasonous behavior should be held accountable for those who have sworn an oath to uphold and defend our Constitution upon entering elected office and having their salaries paid by ILL-Annoy taxpaying citizens. Just my humble opinion. What is the penalty for treason?

    3. The registration is the red herring, the government already knows you have guns, from your background check, your FOID cards, even your credit card company is ratting you out to the feds.

      The purpose of the law isn’t to confiscate your guns, that they know is nearly impossible in a state with 2,400,000 gun owners. The purpose of the law is to make you a felon overnight, and use it against you to destroy your life, and give your progressive neighbors a reason to turn you in to the police.

      Fortunately, all my guns were lost in an unfortunate boating accident in Lake Michigan earlier this year. They all fell out of the boat, directly to the bottom of the Chippawa Basin, the deepest part of Lake Michigan, unlikely ever to be found again because its too deep for divers. I was so upset, but it was my fault for bringing my entire gun collection out onto the lake, but now I have no guns to report.

  3. Don’t be afraid, concerned or worried, none of you. And, don’t bicker. It’s stupid, especially when we all need to come together on this one. Simply wait quietly by while the f00ls bury themselves in illegal “laws” b4 we bury them for real when they start the attempt at confiscation. Live on your feet. Never serve on your knees. Ignore it all as it’s just distracting noise. The real battle is coming. Think about this: you won’t remember dying anyway but whomever is left will remember how you died and for what is was you gave all. Stand at the ready. Negative words are not required but readiness is, at all times. God Bless Us All as we surely need it.

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