Just another evening in Murder City USA.

Last night in Streeterville.
byu/WannabeOutdoorsman inCrimeInChicago

Sounds like someone broke out the AR pistol.

I’m pretty sure that gun was registered.  Oh wait.  The law doesn’t apply to criminals.

5 thoughts on “Last night in ‘the nice part’ of Chicago”
  1. Still a couple weeks to register, surely it will be registered by 1-1-2024, ya think? Wait, registration doesn’t apply to criminals because of “no bail” laws, IF they ever get caught. ho-hum.

  2. Some may ask “Why doesn’t Prickster send his state police after these criminals ? Ya know, instead of after law abiding citizens ?” It’s because Prickster isn’t interested in controlling crime.

    1. Yes, he’s more interested in turning 2,400,000 Republican voting or leaning gun owners into criminals overnight. You’re not paying attention. We’re being set up. It’s a set up, like Marion Berry said when he was busted in a hotel with crack and hookers: “B**** set me up!” that’s what JB Pritzker is doing to you, republican scumbag voter, he hates you, he wants you gone and out of the state. He’d throw you in a re-education camp if he could; but now he’s got a law, that if you get too uppity, they’ll storm your house on a tip from your progressive middle aged female neighbor with blue hair, and they’ll throw you in prison next to Bubba. This entire law is a set up. It’s time to realize your government hates you and your very existence. You need to flee Illinois, you are not welcome here anymore. There is only pain and anguish coming for you if you choose to stay in Illinois. My family has been in Illinois for nine generations now including my children and now is the time we are finally being driven from our homeland by angry, racist progressive politicians who hate you, hate your values, and hate your very existence. Leave now, seek refuge and protection in a red state.

  3. Shitago is a war zone. Plain and simple. Other parts of Crimenois to follow. Stay frosty folks.

  4. I know I point out bad cops all the time. Allow me to point out some good ones, that some moron “civil rights lawyer” thinks are the BAD GUYS:


    See if you can guess my comments in that video!

    I see ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH anything the cops did in this entire encounter. They did GREAT. They were polite, courteous, professional and MORE IMPORTANTLY, they were RIGHT.

    That clown is a scum-sucking lawyer who makes his living suing cops, right or wrong, and extorting settlements. That’s not to say he hasn’t done good work, but he’s DEAD WRONG on this one.

    And I support the cops when they act like this. Remember, I view them as a “necessary” evil, standing between us and the ANARCHY that will soon befall us.

    Are you ready for SHTF?

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