Light on posting as we finish up GunNews for pre-Christmas publication.  But I found this thanks to a member and reader who shared it with me.  It illustrates how the Internet is such an amazing place.  Some really good information interspersed with some really poor information.

For the “too long; didn’t read” folks, a gent who looks like a lawyer has a “new trick” to use the next time you have to smoke an intruder in your home.  What is it?  Shoot a round into the ceiling and claim you fired a warning shot before you killed Mr. Partially Rabid Intruder.  They won’t know the difference.

Bottom line:  What happens when you fabricate evidence or tamper with the crime scene?  Easy.  If detected, nobody will believe anything you say and you’ll find yourself on the fast track to years of prison sex.

Sounds like fun, right?

Better idea:  Tell Mr. Intruder to GTFO.  Just because you can use deadly force in the eyes of the law doesn’t mean it’s the best course of action.



4 thoughts on “SELF-DEFENSE BAD ADVICE: Don’t fabricate evidence as this ‘expert’ recommended…”
  1. Excellent advice. In Illinois, if Mr. Bad Guy breaks into you home, you can shoot him without warning, but giving a verbal warning first is a real good idea. Act as if everything you are doing is being videotaped.

  2. Good spot John. People are prone to believe myths like this and can make a bad situation worse. DO NOT try to make a shooting scene “better” or game it after the fact. Things will already be confused and emotionally charged without adding lies and tampering with the scene…which have a large tendency to unravel and paint the citizen in a bad light.
    Don’t believe this guy just because he says he is a lawyer…or has enough money to afford a tie. “Free lawyer advice” is worth what you pay for it. Maybe he has a follow up video coming out “shoot ’em outdoors and drag ’em back inside your house.” Historic myth level bad advice.

  3. Later, the 3 accomplices apprehended (and not seen by the homeowner in all the confusion) told the cops, “Dude, Bubba got smoked! Then we heard another shot as we we’re hauling azz as we’re tryin’ to get out-of-there!” And the nun, invested in S&W and visiting family across the street, verifies the crooks account.

  4. Remember!
    If he turns his back and starts running away!?!?!
    CONGRATULATIONS! You Won! Do not shoot him in the back!
    Make sure he keeps running, call the cops and let them take over.
    This is now a problem for the police. And you will not wake up in the middle of the night for years because you took a life, no matter how deserving.

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