Some lighter fare ahead of the holiday.


6 thoughts on “TANNERITE: Making grown men giggle.”
  1. We had a “pumpkin/Thanksgiving” shoot several years ago, the pumpkins went 20 feet or so in the air and the bales of old hay under them was scattered ten to fifteen feet around. Fun to watch, firecrackers can’t compare.

  2. Tannerite. Nothing better!!! We have easily gone through over 1,000 pounds of this since it’s commercial introduction. This has radically increased since the introduction of the rim fire formula. We have also had a blast using it with clay pigeons on the trap range. 🙂

  3. Exactly why you might want to consider shooting from cover. You don’t want to end up like Wiley Coyote.

  4. And you think this ‘right’ won’t be taken away here, too? Might as well shove that Tannerite up your asses and wipe with the US Constitution since it no longer is recognized here in Illinois.

    Fuck ‘lightheartedness’. Our rights fly out the window on Dec. 31, and I am in no mood for this kind of bullshit.

    1. Our Marxist governor and Kwame da fool have already pushed to make Tannerite illegal, LibsRCancer, not sure when/if it is “law” yet, haven’t heard much about it lately.
      Lighten up a little, it won’t be illegal in other states and concentrating/dwelling on our situation 24/7 will make us all tense and bitter about feeling helpless for the time being. I believe we are in the right and the ban/confiscation bill/law will be declared unconstitutional in time.

  5. The Darwinian potential is strong with this. I’ll admit to doing stupid things with this when it first came out. Watching debris headed straight for you is intimidating. Watching your friend disappear in a cloud of smoke and debris after blasting a 2 liter bottle of the stuff is scary.
    Good times though!

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