“Anonymous Web Angel” from The Gun Free Zone with a pithy explanation of why no movement from SCOTUS on cases underway (at the preliminary injunction argument stage):

There are numerous cases that are bouncing closer and closer to the Supreme Court. The readers of the tea leaves all agree, the Supreme Court is going to static.

There are people who have spent decades observing the Supreme Court, attempting to predict what they will do in any particular situation. Some of them have great track records, some reaching as high as 50%!

Cases exist in different “states”. Everything before final judgement is interlocutory. This means that the case hasn’t reached a conclusion at this level.

The current spat of infringements being challenged are all in that interlocutory state. The Supreme Court doesn’t normally act on cases that are still interlocutory. They much prefer everything done and ready for them to give an opinion that is going to stick.

So don’t worry when you see the Supreme Court hasn’t done something.

18 thoughts on “Another explanation of why no movement from SCOTUS (so far) on our cases…”
  1. It is a shame that SCOTUS will not (can not?) hold accountable the elected “officials”, “law-makers”, who have sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution upon entering elected office, then write bills/”laws” that subvert that very Constitution and Bill of Rights. Personally, I believe it is treasonous.
    Pray for America!

  2. I’m old enough to remember back when the law was signed on January 10th of this year and all of the pro-2A people was so SURE that the law would be gone in February, then it was March, then it was May or June and here we are approaching a full year were the (PRO-2A conservative) United States Supreme Court thumbed their nose at us yet again a couple days ago. The optimism out there for getting PICA overturned is as comical as a gambling addiction. That next round will be the winner! Oh wait, maybe the next one, or the next one. Guns and Gadgets did a video a few weeks ago about one federal judge calling out the 9th Circuit on California’s AWB and how the case has been bouncing around longer than World War II lasted. Courts are always waiting for the right case, they don’t want to get involved before the law was decided in lower courts, some procedure, some other procedure and a handful of other good excuses. As California goes so goes Illinois I’m afraid. If there were 5 justices on SCOTUS that actually believed Shall Not Be Infringed means what it says this Illinois “assault weapon” law would have been thrown out the window months ago because they can do it at the stroke of a pen and did NOT. It appears SCOTUS is sticking their finger in the wind instead of enforcing the Constitution. When the media dramatizes mass shootings they change public perception by creating the boogie man effect and given that most people don’t know that “assault weapon” is nothing more than a made-up propaganda term gun control advocates control the narrative with the media in their pockets. Too many justices are afraid of being called mean names and we get to pay for it! Every pro-2A person talks about Bruen but that was conceal carry and that doesn’t draw the emotions or have the coordinated political assault against it like “weapons of war” does. This isn’t about the Constitution. This is a CULTURE WAR and the scary black guns are losing. We are so focused on our rights that we often forget that if someone else doesn’t care about that right, they don’t care. We should follow the same-sex marriage movement playbook. Marriage equality activists talked about rights for decades and while it moved the needle a little, it wasn’t enough. See Prop 8 from California. The 2A has to be presented as a shared value instead of my value.

    1. I am pro second amendment and have stated on this board that this law as well as the foid statute would not be overturned until if and when the SCOTUS granted cert and found them unconstitutional. I have also stated that that it will be at least 2-3 years from initial passage before the SCOTUS hears the case. Unfortunately many if not most people believe what they hope to be true and bought into the “We are going to show them” rhetoric. So now people are pissed off because the reality of the situation is the opposite of what they were led to believe. We are seeing something similar with registration. For those choosing not to register I have yet to see any discussion about what happens if the statute is not overturned or for that matter what happens in the next year or more waiting for the SCOTUS. Guns moved out of state, those that mysteriously disappeared, or those simply not registered may rendered permanently non-transferable even by inheritance to an heir. What value is a weapon that is out of state or that cannot be used for any otherwise lawful purpose without fear of a misdemeanor or felony possession charge? Everyone needs to make their own decisions on registration but there are considerations beyond “if you register they are coming next year to confiscate.”

    2. It took four years to get rid of Roe. Yes this will take time unfortunately. It probably wont be our case though it will likely be Biannci or Miller since they are ahead of us in the courts. 114 was passed a year ago in Oregon and they stopped it. And the problem is our side just repeats the same talking points without giving alternatives “gun control doesn’t work blah blah” “criminals dont follow laws blah blah” that isn’t going to convince anyone. We need to be talking about things like school safety and mental health reform and filing bills with those ideas in them to give an alternative.

  3. This has been explained numerous times on the blog. As frustrated as we all are, I am, we have to unfortunately be patient. Think of this from another point-of-view. If SCOTUS were to act outside of long- standing policy, procedure, and tradition imagine the hue and cry from the Communists. This would be amplified by the MSM Propagandists. Our fellow clueless Americans would jump on board. More trouble than it is worth. The justices of the USSC are not stupid, well the conservatives are much smarter than the other 4.

    1. Yeah the problem is this garbage was rammed down our throats in the dead of night using “gut and replace” which didn’t give the public time to give feed back. Had this been passed as a new bill in the regular session without the gut and replace games I would agree with you. SCOTUS should should smack them down on that alone. The other problem is by the time this is resolved the other side will have gotten what they wanted which is to drive all non big box gun shops out of the state.

    2. Well I know of one lib”tard” justice who happened to see water falling from the sky couldn’t tell you it’s raining because she is not a meteorologist.

    3. And I suppose that when Illinois tears up some formerly legal gun owners’ life for failing to register his gun, that this bullshit tradition will be just fine too?

  4. Whatever ends up happening is we’ll continue to have people on the political right and some gun owners who will see reports of state troopers busting into people’s homes or finding an unregistered “assault weapon” in someone’s car in a traffic stop and using violent force against a US citizen to confiscate the constitutionally protected item the “subject” bought legally. Whatever and whomever put the support and often blind support for law enforcement in the same bucket as the 2nd Amendment had no foresight. A lot of the recent “back the blue” religion on the right is to just be the opposite of the defund the police or ACAB you get from the left. This partisanship scam is harming everyone. There is no logical reason to support the police if you are pro-2A. People blame the governor, democrats and everyone else for gun control but it’s the police who are the enforcement arm of the gun control industry and if you say otherwise you’re a gas lighter that can’t be trusted. The gun owners that give this blind support to police are gullible stupid people. Those supporting the Illinois State Police or any police that enforces this shit are like a home owner that lost their house in a tornado. They would blame the weather but not the tornado because the tornado can’t help that it’s destructive by design. It’s literally this absurd. It’s amazingly sad how much bullshit Americans put up with anymore. Remember “two weeks to flatten the curve?” How did that go? As horrible as PICA is whenever we hear, and we will, that someone who has a “thin blue line” flag hanging off their porch is raided and taken hostage in their own home, those of us with self-respect must mock that person endlessly because it will be the perfect example of their politics coming home to roost. Human shit on the sidewalks of San Francisco, DA’s in democrat cities letting out murders and rapists because it’s “racist” to jail them, Black Lives Matter killing black people. Sometimes people get a taste of what they support. It’s easy to support open borders when you live in a gated community. It’s easy to support no cash bail when the offender is in someone else’s neighborhood. It’s easy to support police when they are arresting someone else. Eventually, it’s going to be YOU. Buy up some popcorn while you can!

    1. My support for ISP ended with passage of PICA and their falling all over themselves to enforce it. Local police, yes. ISP? The are nothing but political cops now as far as I am concerned. When you swear to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, but you fail to do so, you are worthless. ISP should have walked out enmasse the day they were tasked with this. They didn’t. They embraced the concept of gun confiscation and ‘felonizing’ law-abiding citizens. Fuck them.

    2. Cops always say that they will do whatever it takes just to go home at the end of their shift….and that includes putting their knee on the neck of wrong-voting Republican scumbags like you, so long he can do his 25 years and get the pension. He didn’t pass the laws, he just enforces, the cop convinces himself, as he destroys the life of a fellow conservative.

  5. The problem is the damage will be already done once this is finally resolved. Most FFLs will probably leave the state. By the time this is done the only gun shops left will be the big box chain stores like Cabellas and Range USA.

    1. You’re right. It’s like the gun dealer licensing law. By the time anyone theoretically could get around to stopping it the purpose of the law had already been accomplished. The process is the punishment and the end result might be as well.

  6. The next civil war could very well start here in Illinois, you can bet “fat ass” Pritzger is chomping at the bit to hire illegals into his Gestapo state police to begin his final phase of his PICA crap and that is the enforcement part of his gun confiscation plan….if it comes down to door to door raids of communities across the state, you may very well see neighborhoods forming up militia groups to defend their communities from these new jack-booted thugs soon to be released upon us…..it could get really ugly real quick, best keep your powder dry and stay safe out there.

    1. Lets wait until this makes its way through the courts before we start talking about going full 1776 yet. Also most law enforcement wants absolutely nothing to do with this. All but three sheriffs have said they won’t enforce it and many states attorneys have said they wont prosecute. Nobody should be talking about violence or anything of the sort until a final decision has been made by the courts. I’d rather us have a Bundy ranch stand off repeat than a January 6 repeat.

    2. Or, just leave IL and avoid all of this nonsense entirely. You’re all just a bunch of old white dudes, you ain’t fighting nobody 1776 style. George Washington was only 44 in 1776 which is probably 25 years younger than the average person here. Ben Franklin was the elder at 70 and he spent the war in France with mature French mistresses and street brothels.

      What you need is safety and protection that a red state can provide. Being in a red place in a blue state is folly, you need the protection that a red state can provide from a blue state.

      IL is not salvageable. I’m screaming from the top of my lungs to leave now, don’t try to change anything, don’t waste your time, there is only pain and anguish coming if you stay.

  7. That’s cold fucking comfort when we are timeboxed by PICA for December 31st, and thanks to the worthless courts we are now all going to be felons because of it. Thanks for fucking nothing.

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