We’re written about the not to well-kept secret of thousands of Hamas and Hezbollah sleep cell agents in America, thanks to our porous border.  Everyone agrees that if the US gets into a shooting match with Iran, that the cells are likely to activate.

Right now, American forces are likely identifying strike targets in Iran or of Iranian assets following the Iranian-linked attack that killed three US servicemen and wounded plenty more.

In other words, the US will be shooting at Iran within days if they haven’t already started as we’re writing this.

Estimates from public sources put the numbers of Hamas/Hez agents at between 3800 and 38000.

Public school math time…  If just ten percent of those agents decide to carry out their activation, how many 4-man cells does this make to kill innocent people at soft targets and to break undefended infrastructure targets?

You tell me.

Here’s some info we shared earlier.

A madman shot up the town of Lewiston, Maine in the last week of October. Local cops issued a “shelter-in-place” order, leaving local residents even more fearful for their safety. You can bet that those who had guns felt a lot more empowered and at ease than those who didn’t.

In fact, those who didn’t have guns probably wished really hard that they had one as the lunatic stalked the town.

Like the famous GSL highway sign set goes:


The incident provides a sneak peek of what might happen should Hamas and Hezbollah sleeper cells ever activate here in America.

Thanks to publicly-sourced data, we know Hamas and Hezbollah have at least 3800 trained Islamist operatives in our nation. What can you do about it? Not much besides deal with it.

A couple of datapoints have emerged since we originally ran into that number.

First, our infamous corrupt FBI Director testified in recent days that Islamic terror cells that have come over our southern border have elevated the threat of “Islamic Terror” to an “all-time high.”

From December 6.  AP report via ABC7 Chicago:

The head of the FBI came out with an unsettling warning Tuesday night about the threat of terror in the United States.

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before Congress, saying that he has never seen so many elevated threats all at the same time, and said it hasn’t been this bad since the days before 9-11.

The war in Israel, and the October 7 attack that sparked it, are spurring an unprecedented number of online posts urging terrorist attacks in America.

Wray, who took over as director in 2017, said that what made the current climate unique is that “so many of the threats are all elevated at the same time.”

It’s unknown if this risk of Islamic Terror is a greater risk to American domestic security than Global Warming or so-called “White Supremacy.”

But I digress.

Then Tucker Carlson had Alex Jones on in recent days.  Jones indicated that the true number of Hezbollah sleeper agents is perhaps closer to 30-40,000.


What might trigger these cells? The US attacking Iran again might do it. Remember what happened the last time we traded shots with Iran? Spoiler alert: In an eight-hour day we sank half of their navy as part of Operation Praying Mantis.

Fortunately open conflict with Iran looks unlikely at this stage of the Gaza War. However, if the cells activated, they would create major chaos in our nation in the short term.

Imagine just 10% of that earlier 3800 decide it’s a good day to die – that makes almost 100 4-man cells killing people and breaking things.

With even a modicum of training and use of group tactics, a four-man team can be a formidable fighting force against civilians and civilian law enforcement.  Just ask the residents of Bombay, India know known as Mumbai.

In fact, armed with rifles, a 4-man team could probably take out an entire shift of your local PD unless you’re living in a fairly large city or county where law enforcement could draw on meaningful numbers of cops (as in dozens, not ones and twos) to respond.  Your average beat cop in a city like Decatur, Champaign or Springfield isn’t expecting or trained to fight against a fire team.  And even if local LEOs were or had experience from the military, their soft armor doesn’t stop rifle rounds.

These sleeper cell military aged males will hit soft targets for human casualties, including places like hospitals, schools and churches.  This would go double or triple for a large hospital like Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. (Because they love Jews…)

These terrorists will also attack infrastructure. Rail lines and pipelines are vulnerable to thermite. Taking down ultra-high-voltage transmission line towers and/or large transformers can darken entire cities. Water treatment plants (chlorine gas makes that a two-fer), telephone switching stations, internet nodes and cell tower “brains” will make easy, effectively undefended targets too. There are plenty of other infrastructure including subways, dams and bridges that might appeal to trained saboteurs.

Always be carrying!
While you can’t fix the border problem, you can things in your personal life to keep you and your loved ones safe. First and foremost: Always be carrying (ABC!). Maintain your situational awareness.

At home, revisit plans for your family for potential emergencies. Just as you have a plan for your family for a house fire in the night, or a home invasion any time (you do have those plans, right?), you should have a plan for what to do in case cell phones or power goes down and mom and dad can’t make it home from work right away for whatever reason.

Don’t count on your local grocery store if panic buying has set in.

Have plenty of food and water (or the ability to make potable water) for your family and maybe a few guests while you’re at it. How to pay for it? Eat at home instead of hitting restaurants.

Have medications for at least 30 days and 90 would be better. First Aid stuff is your friend.

Does your family have special needs like diapers, baby formula, and pet foods? You know what to do.

If you’re reading this, you probably have the personal defense box checked. That’s good as first responders may not be available.

Plan ahead so this isn’t you.

Have a generator (we’ve covered how inverter generators are a little pricier, but vastly better than your dad’s old gennie) along with the gas to run it for a week or more. Your sump pump, freezers and refrigerator will appreciate it and so will your spouse.

Not worried as you live in a small town? Did you know two of the 9/11 hijackers who didn’t fly on that day were studying at Bradley University in Peoria? Yeah, Peoria. The feds picked them up a few months later (better late than never), but I assure you radicalized Muslim terrorists are in Illinois – including Central Illinois and not just Chicago.

For more on steps you can take to improve your self-sufficiency for the short term, visit Ready.gov. It offers a wealth of information about preparedness. Obviously they don’t cover the defensive angle, but you’ve probably got that covered.

A modicum of prudent preparations can help you and your family turn a life-threatening emergency into an inconvenience. Add in some personal defense tools and you can sleep soundly while the authorities work to restore something approaching normalcy.

6 thoughts on “ATTACK ON IRAN IMMINENT: Will Hamas/Hezbollah sleeper cells activate in the coming days?”
  1. Getting a chance to shoot one of those bastards in the back would be like winning the lottery. Should I start dipping my carry rounds in bacon grease?

  2. Never fear, as soon as Congress passes the (D) anti-paramilitary training act, all terrorists perishable skills will all dry-up and blow away. And the world will live as one.

  3. When the cells go active, the cells will, and Americans are killed in schools, shopping malls, movie theatres, grocery stores by the hundreds we will see how diverse, equitable, and inclusive are you deluded morons.

  4. We will see if Americans demand the heads of these enabling assholes in the Federal bureaucracy from the data entry ass clown to the chief executive or turn to their killers for ‘help’. Over half of this country is stupid and ignorant. Your microwaves will stop working soon idiots.

  5. It’s really going to be magnificent! The simplicity of it, that is. remember how simple 911 was!?
    Some eighth century clowns learned how to operate a twenty first century device and crashed them into our buildings… that simple.

    And America deserves every bit of it! From the first moment we gave all of the power to the deep state, authorized the murder of babies in their mothers’ wombs and took God out of everything we sealed our fate.

    And frankly as one whose family founded this nation, I think it’s time for her to come to a conclusion.

    There is nothing good left in this country.

    I just hope you circle-jerkers can get off trying to defend against an unknown enemy in an unknown number and unknown backing with unknown weaponry. But that is by design of the biden democrats.

    And remember, my prediction is that the norks will drop those nukes that are resting in the twin satellites that crisscross our nation twice a day. That will bring an end to it all.

  6. Still no strike (that I know of) on Iran.
    But I know it will come.
    So too will America’s 10/7 I’m afraid.

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