Murder City USA’s Mayor Brandon Johnson took a break between hospitalizations for anxiety attacks to stick his foot in his mouth once again.  Hizzoner, always tone deaf, decided he would issue an official proclamation of sorts demanding Israel end their war against Hamas savages in the Gaza strip.   All the while clearly oblivious to the gang wars taking place right under his nose in Chicago.   In fact, he actually said “the killing must stop” at a news conference to virtue signal against Israel.

“I condemn the actions of Hamas, but at this point now I believe we’re looking at 25,000 Palestinians that have been killed during this war and the killing has to stop. So yes, we need a cease-fire,” said Mayor “Let’s go Brandon.”

Nevermind that the very next day, two young “scholars” were shot down in their prime of their lives at the entrance to one of Chicago’s failing high schools.

Were these choirboys who met Jesus a little early?  Like the pictures furnished to the media after their deaths?

Hardly.  Here’s a social media post allegedly of one of the deceased scholars just last month before he assumed room temperature.

And Twitter roasted Mr. Anxiety.

10 thoughts on “TONE DEAF BRANDON JOHNSON: Demands ‘Ceasefire’ in Israel’s Gaza War against Hamas while ignoring gang wars under his nose in Chicago [GRAPHIC VIDEO]”
  1. Let Israel deal with their terrorists their own way, the anxiety riddled mayor should resign or actually step up and take care of the terrorist gangs in his back yard that are HIS responsibility!

  2. After seeing that pic of Monti Williams, I can’t help but think of the lives spared from the criminal violence of those two punks shot and killed at that high school. And the money taxpayers saved by not needing to incarcerate them. I know the cops are looking for the killers but I’m asking myself if we shouldn’t instead give them a marksmanship medal?
    To say nothing of the fact they won’t be breeding.

  3. There is hope yet. while the little hootchies were bouncing around trying to get all the attention for themselves while screaming utterly uselessly, except the one who was screaming for an Amber lamps, there was a young man who ripped his coat off and ripped his shirt off to stanch the blood loss. that man has a chance. At least there is hope for him yet.

    Otherwise that commun’tay (jeffe jackfone junyer) is doomed!!

    1. Pretty sure he died and I’m pretty sure somebody stole his iPhone. Gives new meaning to if you’re hit, we are taking your stuff. Hood rats are gonna hood rat. I knew that punk wasn’t worth of shit when I saw his pants hanging around his thighs.

  4. Survival tip # 264…… When dodging bullets at Hood Rat High make sure your pants aren’t 3/4 of the way down your ass so you can run faster. Brandon is typical Marxist scum, making everything worse while running his mouth. Blame the idiots that voted for him. Thanks to the killer who helped clean up society a little, I hope you go quick and without suffering when it’s your turn to be worm food / one less parasite.

    1. Half the idiots that voted for BJ didn’t know they voted, they have been dead for years, you know, “the Chitcago way”. Chitcago is the capital of voter fraud.

  5. Seems to me not enough ‘Palestinian’ terrorists, palestine was made-up by the British after WWI, have been killed to secure Israel. Blow-me Brandon should be demanding the death toll be at least as high as the numbers in shit-hole Communist run American cities. He could then rest-easy and calm his anxiety.

  6. I see a few ‘sail-phones’ out, much walking about and arm gestures, lots of wailing, even saw what looks like a ‘security guard’ poke his disinterested head around the corner. Perhaps schools in these neighborhoods should be teaching battlefield trauma care and issuing IFACS rather than teaching about acceptance of the gender dysphoric and giving out free condoms?

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