An illegal from the Middle East was encountered on our southern border in recent days.  A reporter asked him “Where are you from?”

His answer?  “Soon you will know who I am. Believe me. You will see.”

If you don’t think America will see something akin to the 10/7 attacks in Israel, you aren’t paying attention.


You can’t do anything about the southern border, but you can take steps to ensure the safety and security of you and your family and to mitigate the terror that will happen when these illegal alien terrorists go active.

6 thoughts on “Middle Eastern Illegal crossing the Rio Grande: ‘Soon you will know who I am. Believe me. You will see.’”
  1. The only saving grace I see here is that these 6th century barbarians tend to gravitate to areas where lots of liberal sheep congregate. When they are activated, and run up a big body count, it is highly likely that their enablers and apologists will make up the largest portion of their victims.
    When you import the third world, you become the third world. This particular stripe has been frozen in time for 1500 years, and only knows death and killing. This is not a religion; it’s a cult. They do not live, they exist to destroy. In many respects, they make perfect Democrats, since their goals are quite similar. Only their methods (currently) differ.

    1. WOrd! We’re probably safe “downstate.”

      This guy scares me like that woman on the airplane does……you know, the one who ran to the front of the plane and pointed back at the guy she’d been sitting near, exclaiming, “that motherF’er is NOT REAL!” and “you’re all gonna die.” I would still, very much, like to know what that was really about.

      Regarding the swarthy fellow, I suppose we will ALL KNOW what THAT is all about, soon enough. Remember, the instructors at the Florida flight school were complaining to the FAA about these middle-easterners who wanted to learn how to fly, but seemed to have absolutely NO INTEREST in learning how to land. They ignored that, too.

      It will be glorious, I’m sure, in its simplicity. And we have learned NOTHING from 9/11. We’re still strip-searching grandmothers at airports. We’re still forcing American military veterans in wheelchairs to stand so their chairs can be searched. We’ve ignored the swarthy middle-easterners almost with a vengeance. It will come back to haunt us.

      I’m still predicting EMP. Most likely dropped from the two north korean “satellites” that encircle the earth and criss-cross the U.S> twice a day. They’d be foolhardy NOT to have installed nukes on ’em.

      And my predictions bear more weight than ANYTHING that Canuckian Pooper has been doom-and-glooming on yousetube for the last decade just to sell you shite.

  2. Remember, two to the chest one to the Head. And then stick a slice of bacon in their mouth

  3. Gentlemen, do not go anywhere without a firearm. Unless there is a metal detector then carry. Yes, that means government buildings, hospitals, schools etc.

  4. When the cells activate and begin to kill Americans en mass we will see how diverse, equitable, and inclusive all of you ignorant fools who believe the democrats to be the compassionate party have become.

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