Hamas and Hezbollah have sleeper cells in America.  They are ready to launch attacks inside our nation, with their goal to kill and maim infidels and to cause chaos in the streets.  We know of thousands of said agents here in publicly-sourced data.  There’s probably thousands more that we didn’t detect coming into our nation and plenty more that .gov knows about but hasn’t revealed.  What do you do about it?  Deal with it.

Biden’s open border policy has allowed pretty much anyone and everyone across our southern border.  In fact, some Border Patrol units have been ordered to open gates or defeat obstacles placed by border states so illegals could swarm across.  But even before Biden, we couldn’t catch but a tiny fraction of those crossing.

And America’s enemies have taken advantage of that.

What might trigger these cells?  The US attacking Iran again might do it.  Remember what happened the last time we went to war with Iran?  In an eight-hour day we sank half of their navy as part of Operation Praying Mantis.  If you want a very entertaining recap of how that went, I invite you to watch this from The Fat Electrician.  He does history like nobody I’ve ever seen before.

Iran’s no doubt still more than a little butt-hurt over that.  It would seem that should America get in a full-fledged shootout with Iran again, that these cells would activate.

What would they target?  Well, look at what happened in Mumbai, India a bunch of years ago for a textbook example of what it might look like on a small scale.

They’ll hit soft targets, ideally gun-free zones to exploit a lack of armed resistance.  Likely targets include places like schools and hospitals – especially large hospitals like Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis.  (Because they LOVE Jews…)  Add in churches, shopping malls and sporting events like high school sports (look at that – a two-fer… schools plus large crowds!).  Maybe a parade or two for good measure.  One number I’ve heard is 3800 of these operatives are here.  Imagine just 10% decide it’s a good day to die – that makes almost 100 4-man cells killing people and breaking things.

But not only will they hit “sensitive” places killing men, women and children, but these savages will also attack infrastructure.  Shoot those big transformers in power substations and once that coolant oil inside leaks out, it will soon overheat and then it’s lights out.  Those transformers may take months to replace.  Heck, many of them come from China!  Chop a couple of legs on those ultra-high voltage transmission line towers and they’ll topple over.  Do that for a few of those and that will make cities go dark.  Some other techniques will blow up transformers and / or cause fires in residential and business electrical customers.

Not only will these barbarians hit the power grid, but you can bet they’ll not-so-randomly hit water treatment facilities, sewage treatment plants, telephone and internet nodes and other utilities that make our society function so nicely.  Cell phone towers (specifically the electronic boxes) will make tantalizing targets.  A little thermite on top of the “brains” for those towers and that’s the end of that cellphone tower.  And maybe a second one over the power and connectivity lines coming out of the ground for extra good measure.  By the way, making thermite is child’s play.

You don’t need 80 pounds.  Imagine putting a 6″ clay flower pot filled with thermite on top of one of those large bulk propane tanks…  or massive above-ground gasoline storage tanks like they have at Staley and Rt. 10 in Champaign.  Or worse yet, place those atop Chlorine gas storage units at water treatment plants.  Not only would you cripple water treatment, but you would kill and injure first-responders.  I responded to a chlorine gas leak when I took pictures at a small-town volunteer fire department many years ago.  It’s some scary stuff.

Add in disabling rail lines and pipelines with thermite and we’ll have big problems.  If they hit locks and dams on waterways, that’ll create chaos as well.

Folks, you can do a lot with thermite and a rifle.

You get the idea.  Even two dozen of these terror cells, with a modicum of supplies, rifles and ammo could create widespread chaos.  100 would be pandemonium.  A thousand of these cells would paralyze our nation.

There’s nothing you can do about this potential powder keg on the national level.  Deal with it.

You can do something about your home to help your family should these terror cells activate.   Create a plan for your family to account for potential emergencies.  Just as you have a plan for your family for a housefire in the night, or a home invasion any time (you do have those plans, right?), you should have a plan for what to do in case cell phones or power goes down.  Or maybe even if you can’t make it home from work for a multitude of reasons from terror to a natural disaster.

Have plenty of food for your family and maybe a few guests while you’re at it.

How to pay for it?  Make your food at home instead of dining in restaurants, including fast food.

Water…  have a case or two of water, minimum.  Also have a means to filter or chemically treat suspect water to ensure that it’s safe to drink.  Google is your friend.

Start with a few days of food and water.  Then a week.  If you live in an apartment as many do, your space may be limited but try for two to four weeks’ of food and water (or the ability to make suspect water potable).  Have a house, try for a couple of months.

Have medications for at least 30 days and 90 would be better.

Does your family have special needs like diapers, baby formula, and pet foods?  You know what to do.

If you’re reading this, you probably have the personal defense box checked.  Make sure you have some ammo.  Training will help you tip the scales in your direction should you find yourself facing one of these terror cells or opportunistic criminals exploiting a blackout and / or a breakdown of police and fire responders.

Not worried as you live in a small town?  Or because you’re living in America’s heartland?  Did you know two of the 9/11 hijackers who didn’t fly on that day were studying at Bradley University in Peoria?  Yeah, Peoria.  The feds picked them up a few months later (better late than never), but I assure you radicalized Muslim terrorists are in Illinois – including Central Illinois and not just Chicago.

Our government might have a better handle on them if the FBI and Homeland Security wasn’t “watching” so-called “domestic extremists” and patriots like us at Guns Save Life.

Ready.gov is a wealth of information about preparedness.  Obviously they don’t cover the defensive angle, but you’ve probably got that covered.


8 thoughts on “ABC: Hamas & Hezbollah sleeper cells are in America… deal with it.”
  1. For you prepper fans of William forstchen’s book “One second after,” I strongly suggest you also pick up another novel of his entitled “day of wrath.” He spells out a formula for the terrorists which would take down America from within. it’s sheer brilliance, and what is truly astounding is that they haven’t tried it yet.
    It involves coordinated attacks on highways leading to and from little Kiddies’ schools and coordinated attacks on those schools themselves. So when the parents respond rushing to rescue their darling little angels, they get taken out at the same time.
    Cheap, low tech and unstoppable.

  2. Maybe. Just maybe a mass attack will backfire on these goddamn liberal commies across America.

  3. Our problem in anticipating these attacks is that we do not think like criminals. The best we can do is educate ourselves as to what could happen. Since we are a free country (so far), terrorists can move about with ease and there are more targets than terrorists to damage them. A tree limb caused a major power blackout on the east coast and southern Canada some years ago. That was an accident, not a coordinated series of attacks.
    Those of us with electronic medical devices we depend on, have other worries.

  4. I was in Goodwill in Champaign the other day. I realized I was hearing a lot of gibberish around me so took a closer look. There was a small army of fighting-age NON-American males shopping. When they went to check out, not one of ’em could speak English. But each one of ’em had a handful of freshly-printed, crisp American currency.
    THEY are HERE, gentlemen. They are IN YOUR BACK YARD. What are you going to do?

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