Police believe a homicidal perp named Romeo Nance, out on “bond” on a 2023 arrest for shooting at a woman in Joliet, is responsible for three homicide scenes they’ve discovered over the past 48 hours in Joliet.  Who knows if there are additional scenes yet to be discovered.  The perp, 23, was found Monday in Texas.  He suck started his handgun as police moved in to make an arrest.

Our thanks to Rep. Justin Slaughter (appropriately named), the sponsor of the trainwreck “No Cash Bail” law.   Also, we would be remiss if we didn’t also credit House Speaker Chris Welch and the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, along with Senate President Don Harmon for passing the bill into law in the dead of night.  Also, big thanks to our esteemed Governor Pritzker for signing the measure into law.  Cheers.

Those eight people are dead thanks to your precious “No Cash Bail” law.  From CBS Chicago:

JOLIET, Ill. (CBS) — Eight people were found shot and killed in three different locations over two days in Joliet, and the suspect in the slayings was also found dead by a suspected suicide 1,200 miles away Monday night, police said.

The apparent self-inflicted gunshot death of 23-year-old Romeo Nance in Texas followed a manhunt by multiple law enforcement agencies.

At a news conference, Joliet police Chief Bill Evans said at 12:04 p.m. Monday, his officers were notified by the Will County Sheriff’s office about several people found dead in two separate houses in the 2200 block of West Acres Road, near Madison Street.

Responding officers found a total of seven people in two houses who had all been shot dead, Evans said.

Joliet police said immediately after announcing the Monday shooting deaths that they were looking for Nance. He was believed to have been driving a red Toyota Camry, Nance’s last known address had been on the same block of Acres Road, Evans said. Evans said Nance knew the victims found in the two houses, and it was believed they were all related…

Nance’s prior arrest records indicated that he was previously arrested for aggravated discharge of a weapon involving a woman. Court records indicate Nance was out on bond in connection with that 2023 shooting case and was still awaiting trial.

Too bad he didn’t just shoot himself before he started his little murder spree.

10 thoughts on “‘NO CASH BAIL’ FAIL: Perp Romeo Nance, out on ‘bond’ on previous gun arrest, reportedly KILLED 8 in three separate crime scenes in Joliet”
  1. So, now that he’s worm food, he’ll still be voting in both Illinois and Texas, right?
    ISP will need to make sure and purge the PICA registration database of all his guns since he is now dead. I am quite sure he was one of the first in line to register his stolen Glock and its Chinese auto sear.

  2. Holy shit! Have they identified the victims yet? This should be national news, but I’m sure the national news will bury the story. Or should I say cover it with a pillow until it stops moving.
    Epic fail of soft on crime policies and Criminal Justice Reform. Well at least Romeo’s dead now. Couldn’t happen to a nicer turd.

  3. Legislators want to hold law abiding gun owners responsible for the sins of the gangbangers, so how are these legislators not responsible for the laws they create that result in these murders? Absolutely disgusting.

  4. The morons in northern IL, particularly the plantation help will still vote for these fools. Social justice don’t you know. What a scam the democrats run on these ignorant fools. Much of it run by the black caucus. What an f’n joke. All this black bullshit for decades and nothing has changed in their ‘communities’. Wake up dummies !

  5. It’ll continue to be hailed a great law until important people began to suffer the loss of those around them that they deem important. Protect the predators until it affects your herd.

  6. You failed to mention Prickster’s bought and paid for bench monkeys on the supreme cout that said it was legal when Kankakee County and others sued to stop it.

  7. This is a bald faced demonstrable lie.
    The reason he was able to get out is because he paid a cash bail. Either you are just stupid or a liar. Had he been arrested 6 months later, under the no cash bond, he would have been denied pretrial release, by law.

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