To recap for the “too long; didn’t read” crowd…  What do you do about gun registration?  First off, don’t seek the sound-bite answer.  Secondly, you should be reading the GSL website more regularly.  Lastly, what to do is a personal decision.

Instead of reflexively calling or emailing me, you can start by reading this.  It lays out your options and tries to help you make an informed decision.

Regardless of how you handle this, (read this to understand why you should) tell your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else who will listen that you re-homed those naughty guns out of Gov. Jelly Bean’s reach.

For months, we’ve been advising members and friends to NOT answer police questions should the boys in blue (or plain clothes) show up at your door.  If you haven’t called them for service for an unrelated issue, remain tight-lipped with the police..

Make sure your family is up to speed on why THEY shouldn’t talk to police or consent to searches as well.

Bottom line:  If you’ve got a single banned gun, my honest recommendation:  Don’t register or act.  Keep it locked up for now.

Why?  A single gun is a misdemeanor offense akin to window peeping.  Even in the extraordinarily unlikely event you’re discovered, arrested and convicted, you won’t lose your FOID card or carry license.  You will lose the gun, but that’s relatively trivial compared to what could have happened if you had two or more.

If you have multiples it becomes a greater risk but not by much.

Now if you had a naughty gun count that involved armloads of said boomsticks and spare uppers, etc., then it quickly becomes a more complex computation between keeping them, registering them, or re-homing them.

10 thoughts on “QUICK AND DIRTY: Advice on whether or not to register…”
  1. Resistance is futile. JB intends to use the power of the state, to destroy you, his political enemy. IL is not worth fighting for. Sure my family has been here for six generations after arriving from the old country, but just as they left Europe for a better life, it’s also now time to leave IL for a better life. The commies can run the state into the ground.

    1. Thank you for directing the blame at DemoRAT Pritzker instead of the state police who will be enforcing this and charging people with made up felonies. They have a tough job to do and they deserve our blanket respect. If IL residents are nice to them they’ll probably smile back since most of them don’t take PICA seriously and then when the arrestee becomes the inmate if they’re nice to the prison staff they might sneak in an extra piece of toast for breakfast.
      Back the BADGE!

  2. I stand with Senator Plummer and have sympathy for the state police. The courts are rude for all of this back and forth because the troopers on the ground should have clarity on what to do when they pull over a subject talking on their phone or some other activity civilians aren’t smart enough to do themselves. Hopefully, these “my rights” residents of Illinois don’t get an attitude with the respectful officer just doing their job. They have bills to pay and their paycheck is more important than yours or whether or not you’re in prison getting satisfied by Bubba because they protect us and have a tough job to do. We OWE them 100% blanket respect for whatever they want to do and they should never be questioned or held accountable. This is why we must protect qualified immunity. Police have to make quick and often times difficult decisions so they shouldn’t be in trouble for screwing up, especially if they kill the wrong person like that state trooper is seen on video doing blasting an unarmed man in a wheelchair. That officer could be in prison for murder if he was treated like anyone else. That would end the officers paycheck and we shouldn’t allow that.
    Back the BADGE!

    1. GSL 15S9 says:
      December 11, 2023 at 12:18 am
      Hey, Why don’t you try to confine your bile to something related to the issues
      – Amy’s dad Dr. Ken

      GO AWAY, “ken”, “dr. ken” and all of your ali-asses!

    2. I respect NO police officer that willfully violates his oath to the US Constitution. Police officers now have a choice to make – enforcement of a bogus law that should have been dead on arrival, or protection of the Constitution and its citizenry, who pay for their very livelihoods. Going forward, all will be judged on how they respond to this vile threat to law-abiding gun owners. The days of ‘back the badge’ bullshit are over. Deeds – not words.

      I no longer support qualified immunity of police officers. It is their responsibility to uphold the Constitution and defend the citizenry. There have been FAR too many abuses of citizens by police over the last decade or so. Police have a moral responsibility to do it better than the rest of us, and they started failing at this as soon as they were militarized. Many no longer make the barest attempt to preserve, protect and defend. Police who act like street vermin should be prosecuted like them, to the fullest extent of the law. Respect must be earned by actions; simply putting a uniform on no longer qualifies.

      When I see the ISP rank-and-file stand up and declare that they will not be Putzker PICA puppets and will not harass and inflict harm upon law-abiding citizens, my attitude will change. Until then, they are nothing but political Paul Blarts that deserve neither my support or respect. ISP leadership has the absolute responsibility to refuse publicly to support PICA. They have embraced it instead. It is time for each policeman to take a long, hard look at who they REALLY are, and what they REALLY stand for.

    3. LiberalsRCancer: THat’s a dangerous, slippery slope. We Illinoisans no longer live in a Constitutional Republic. We live in a dumbocratic, tyrannical fiefdom run by a fatboy who couldn’t “run” to save his miserable life. And a bunch of HACK judges who his money saw appointed.

      BUT, we are supposedly a nation/state of laws. Do we want COPS determining which, if any, laws they will enforce? Do you want a cop to say, “I think that ray-pust has the right to your sweet lil prison wallet under an ’emanation’ from a ‘penumbra’ of the 14th amendment, so I’m not gonna arrest him for hard-arrrr’ing you?” Or a cop who’ll let a hundred reckless drivers go cause “they’re not driving, they’re ‘traveling?'” We simply can’t do that. We may hate the law, and those who will enforce it, but the “rule of law” requires us and them to abide the law, until it is overturned. Be thankful for the years that we had Trump as president. I was a two-issue voter: (1) the BORDER (which he failed us on, but that was because of the RINO’s in COngress who betrayed us), and (2) SUPREME COURT APPOINTMENTS, which he not just won on, but SUPERSTELLAR RULED on! His appointments will likely last the rest of MY life, however long that might be. And it’s good enough reason to vote for him again. If his moral failings repulse you (and they should), nevertheless, hold your nose and vote TRUMP. Or we have four more years of a drooling, pants-pooping, lifelong criminal who couldn’t “lead” the U.S. if his own life depended on it.

      We have a solution. It may not be as drastic as that solution reached in 1774 and what followed, but sometimes violence IS the solution. We Conservatives simply do not have the numbers to overcome the BURGEONING numbers in that rathole up north. AND their #’s are increasing every day, what with the MILLIONS coming in our southern border untrammeled. We never may again. The solution may be MOVE OUT, like the billionaires and millionaires are doing. Illinois will look like DETROIT in a decade, cause there won’t be anyone left to tax, or any properties worth anything to tax.

      Mercifully, I think the END is nigh. What’s going on in the middle-East will heat up quick enough that we won’t have to worry about Revolution II in the good ol’ U.S. of A. We’d be a footnote to history, if there were anyone left to write it besides the moslem.

      I’m registering. I think whatever happens will happen long before they go door-to-door. I would encourage you all to do the same. What good do your arms do you in another state? I wish Johnboch had exercised some leadership and tried to get us all to register at the same moment in time so we crashed the ISP’s website. They can’t hold us responsible if the ONLY means of registering was inoperable at the time. Oh well.

  3. GSL 1589, I am not Ken or Amy or whatever name you make up. I am my own person and simply happen to have a similar name and share your pro-police BACK THE BLUE views. Perhaps you just get uncomfortable with the fact that I’m more open and honest about backing the blue and blunt about what it actually means. Go re-read what I said. Police get blanket support and subjects get what they deserve if they don’t follow the LAW. If you don’t like what I said because the brutal honesty of backing the blue embarrasses you then you can stop backing the blue and act like one of these “my rights” constitution people that thinks the Bill of Rights supersedes police conduct. You might be called a DemoRAT by the hardline Republicans if you don’t give 100% blind support to our men and women and non-binary officers of the law. However you can make fun of non-binary people because the GOP doesn’t care for non-straights so much.

    1. GSL 15S9 says:
      December 11, 2023 at 12:18 am
      Hey, Why don’t you try to confine your bile to something related to the issues
      – Amy’s dad Dr. Ken

      GO AWAY, “ken”, “dr. ken” and all of your ali-asses!
      K M A with wet sloppy ones “ken”, “Amy’s daddy, dr. ken”, ” GrifterLyingScum GLS1589″ AND ANY/all OF YOUR ALI-asses

    2. Hey, Johnboch!? Why don’t you tell the old coot that we are NOT the same person? He’s deluded, but you can set him straight; you have our IP addresses. He’s right back to the same ol’ crap, and he’s simply not smart enough to see that “GLS” is yanking his chain with brilliant sarcasm! His personal attacks have NOTHING to do with your topical material.

      I think it’s time for an educational ban-hammering of the ol’ guy.

      Imagine the anguish it’ll save you later. And red-flag the old geezer, for he is off his rocker. He’s a threat to himself and/or others.

    3. WOW, GLS 1589 GrifterLyingScum, your post is written just like “ken” is dick-tatering it to you, “ken” you have posted you are the lack of brains behind the “spoof”, you must have Alzheimer’s, every day is a blank page for you.

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