More than a few folks are living with a bit of anxiety of late. Some have bought now-banned guns in the Land of Lincoln since January 10th and now they’re a little uneasy about the Illinois State Police showing up on their doorstep. Others have handguns with support braces on them and they’re worried about BATF paying them a visit.

Yes, either state or federal agents could show up for a “knock and talk” at your residence or place of business over support-braced pistols (now considered “short barreled rifles” by BATF) or purchases of “banned” guns. It’s very unlikely, but it could happen.

If they do show up to inspect your firearms or discuss them with you, do you have to talk with them? No, no, no. NO! You don’t even have to answer the door.

Should you speak with them? Attorney William Kirk from the Washington Gun Law organization says, and I quote, “Why the hell would you do that?

If cops are knocking, they are there investigating potential criminal activity. Unless they have a warrant, don’t talk with them, don’t admit them into your home, and don’t show them any guns. Don’t sign any documents. Nothing you say can be used to exonerate you. Lying to police is a crime in itself.

Watch this video (again, as appropriate).

And the follow-up:

This also goes for those who have submitted amnesty eForm 1 applications. Politely decline to chat with the agents, but it might be time to chat with a local attorney.

7 thoughts on “DON’T ANSWER QUESTIONS! If ISP (or ATF) comes a-knockin’…”
  1. But, but, but we were told by many including this website that it’s Pritzker’s gun ban so why wouldn’t he show up at the door to arrest us? This is one of very few articles where the author accidently told the truth and blamed the cops for what the………….wait for it…………………COPS do. Amazing!


  2. Clarification lying to the police is NOT a criminal offense in IL. Lying to the Federal Bureau of Idiots is a federal criminal offense. Why? These f’ers lie to American citizens every day. The Federal Bureau of Imbecile agents who lie should be prosecuted. “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity” my ass!

  3. There are two other situations where the police may try to talk to you. In your car, you have to show them your driver’s licence, insurance and title to the vehicle. If you are towing a trailer they may ask for that title too. You are not required by law to reveal if you are carrying as a CCL IN ILLINOIS. (Most other states do require your to show the CCL if carrying.) My training was to notify the officer up front with your DL and CCL. It is my understanding they have run your license plate already and know that you have a CCL. Do not lie on this part for sure. If they ask if you have any other guns, I am not so sure. Any questions beyond the reason for the stop should be refused. Where are you going? What’s your hurry? (If on the way to the ER, I would tell them if my right arm was cut off.) There is SCOTUS cases on this that the stop may only last long enough to process the reason for the stop. May I search your vehicle? Politely decline. May I get a drug sniffing dog? No. Any thing they can see through the window has not expectation of privacy. Remember they can lie, and I would assume they are lying if they say something like, “I smell marijuana” when you know there is no such smell.

    Don’t drink and drive, don’t smoke MJ and drive, and don’t use other drugs at all. If you have a medical condition that may have caused the stop, I would tell them. For instance, I pulled out in front of a semi. When the EMT got there, I asked them to check my blood sugar since low BS can cause impairment. I was normal, so no excuse there.

    The other time police may stop you is on foot. Here I believe you do not have to show an ID. If they ask about CCL, I would tell the truth. Do not get belligerent (this is the hard part). Cases in other states where the person refused have ended with the LEO cuffing them and charging them with resisting. The charges were dropped later, but you do not want to go to jail. There are dozens of these cases on YouTube. Remember, they can take your guns on a pretext, and you will never get then back.

    If you live in small town, now might be a good time to get to the know the local LEO’s. Our Sheriff has stated in writing that he will not enforce PICA. ISP has said they will let the counties handle PICA cases. That can change though.

    It is a great pity that now we fear the police more than the crooks do.

  4. We’ve been inculcated since pre-skool to accept the police are “our friends.” Remember “Officer Friendly?” Teach all young ‘uns that cops are NOT your friend. Look at what these “friendly” cops did to “protect and serve” this young feller:


    I am pleased to see that you more vocal fellows on here are finally coming around to my way of thinking. Remember pre-pandemic when I got “banhammered” for calling you all a bunch of circle-jerkers because you LEAPT to the defense of bad cops? And now even johnboch is telling us that COPS ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS! There’s ground to be made yet.

    Oh, and GSL1598 or whatever your moniker is, eat m*e.

    1. Agreed Ken! The cop lovers have either never dealt with one and are gullible and naive or just want to fit into the political club so that’s what one is SUPPOSED to say.

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