Even a broken clock is right twice a day.  Along these lines, the aspiring brain trust at CNN actually did a journalistic drive-by reporting on shootings at American schools.  They use the highly charged word “school shootings” repeatedly, but acknowledge that most of these are “community violence” in nature, not terror attacks or attempts at mass casualty attacks.

Of course, the story is loaded with these high-charged words that gun control folks have brought into our lexicon.  So I’m not going to cut and paste much of the story.  If you want to read the persuasion piece masquerading as news, you can do so yourself.  But the big takeaway for us all:  shootings in schools are just like shootings in the community…  and in many jurisdictions they are gang-driven.

Again, from the fine leftist advocates with bylines at CNN:

Most school shootings aren’t mass killings, study finds, and they’re often driven by community violence

Many Americans think of school shootings as mass casualty events involving an adolescent with an assault-style weapon. But a new study says that most recent school shootings orchestrated by teenagers do not fit that image — and they are often related to community violence…

Notice how they use inflammatory politically-charged buzzwords to describe shootings at schools and descriptors for the most commonly sold self-defense firearms, but chose to describe criminal and gang violence as “community violence.”

Two weeks ago, a Manual High School in Peoria, IL soaked up some bullets after a shooting.  From 25 News Now:

As iterated by the Peoria Police Department, Manual High School was briefly placed on lockdown this morning after the Peoria Police Department detected shots fired. Upon investigation, PPD discovered that the school building and a vehicle were struck.”

Oh lookie, another “school shooting” to report.  These gun grabbers have no shame.

Then there’s gang-related “community violence” like this…

Or this:

Back to the story:

A majority of the shootings analyzed also involved handguns rather than assault rifles or shotguns, and they were often the result of “interpersonal disputes,” according to the researchers from University of South Carolina and University of Florida.

“When you look at gun violence across the country, a big subset of that is suicide and community violence, which is largely committed by the use of handguns, not assault rifles and so on,” said Dr. Chethan Sathya, a pediatric surgeon and trauma director at Cohen Children’s Medical Center and director of the Center for Gun Violence Prevention at Northwell Health.

Don’t you love how they’ve rebranded violent crime as “community violence.”  And how they bang the drum of those politically-charged words in the story?

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  1. Appears to me that the “black community” has a feral youth problem and they have no problem acquiring firearms and Glock “switches”, how can they afford the ammo to spray their neighborHOODS with using the “switches”?

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