Here’s a helpful hint for those who still think the police will be there to protect you…  they may not be.  Outside of highly populated locations, police protection is paper thin at the best of times.  Other times, like late at night, there may be nothing.  Response times may be measure not in minutes but an hour or more.

In larger jurisdictions, the handful of officers on duty may be tied up on other calls.  In Chicago, for instance, half or more of the highest priority 911 calls lacked available units for response.  In an unknown number of other instances, Chicago’s 911 system didn’t even answer.

When seconds count, police are minutes or hours away.

You don’t have to live life as a helpless, defenseless victim.

Empower yourself.  Become a gun owner.  Carry everywhere, every day.  Even at home.

Because ultimately, you are your own first responder.

9 thoughts on “ONCE UPON A TIME: The police will protect you…”
  1. Johnboch… We would like to hear the story of your conversion…

    Please tell us what came to convince you that the cops are not our friends but they are an evil.

    And my wasn’t that 911 dispatcher, really empathetic!? What will we do without such empathetic 911 dispatchers?

    I rather prefer the stories where the callerr to 911 is armed and does what is typically the best thing in such cases.

    Merry belated CHRISTmas and happy new year to all!

    1. I pray to God I never have to draw my gun in self-defense, and even more so that I never have to discharge it. But, the right to do so is mine, and I demand it as a citizen of the United States, as ensconced in the Second Amendment. I do not look for trouble, and actively attempt to avoid it wherever possible. Unfortunately, our own government now chooses to bring it to my own doorstep under the bogus guise of ‘public safety’.

    2. I never thought John was an apologist for police. John has taught us in detail to be aware of police tactics that can gum us up after a justified shooting. He continually preaches to not talk to the Police for any reason unless you called them. He has had two traffic incidents where police were called and he had his car camera footage to back up his side of the story. Doesn’t sound like he trusts the police to me.

      We should be able to trust the police, but the reality is that we cannot.

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  2. Nice uh, umm, holster in that pic. I would love to … inspect it further. Quite a fine piece of workmanship.

  3. Castle Rock v. Gonzalez.
    The Police have NO, ZERO Duty to Protect.
    It doesn’t matter the Court Order of Protection says they must. They don’t have to, they are not required to, and when they screw up and all your children end up dead? Tough shit! They don’t even need to apologize.
    You are your own first responder.

    1. This CAN and SHOULD BE taught in our skools but, alas, it is not. Are they still teaching Officer Friendly is there to help you? Fortunately for the kiddies of today they have the innerwebs to tell them cops are THE ENEMY. “DON’T TALK TO THE COPS” should be a course taught in 9th grade. The BIGGEST PROBLEM most persons will have in their lifetimes will come from encounters with COPS. The BIGGEST TROUBLE from such encounters will be ADMITTING TO SOMETHING the cops can charge you with. It doesn’t matter what Professor James Duane says about cops – JUST PICTURE for your own-self-protection the DISHONEST ones. THE crooked ones. The lying, sniveling, power-grabbing, abusive, got-their-heads-stuffed-in-toilets-a-lot-as-kids ones. THey are NOT your friends. I was charged with a felony for pulling my pistol in self-defense. I was GRIEVOUSLY ILL WITH COVID. I could barely walk, my lungs were so shot. I’m a scrapper, always have been but I couldn’t have fought to save my life that day, so I pulled. When interviewed by the cops that day I knew my brain would be suffering COVID FOG, so I talked, and talked and talked, AFTER, of course, asking the handsome young man in the spiffy uniform and shiny hat if his body cam and dash cam were recording and AFTER he had assured me they were. They were NOT. His police report could have been written by a 3-year-old who was NAPPING at the time I reported it. IT was, indeed, that bad. It was as if a developmentally-disabled (retard) had written it. And that was all the prosecution had to go on. IT DOESN’T MaTTER WHAT THE TRUTH IS. THE COPS are NOT your friends. They’re there to get convictions, NOT see justice done.

      I committed that horrible error of judgment because, despite my distrust of cops since age 18, I TRUSTED that cop to tell me the truth that day, and HE LIED. Oh, it’s okay, it only cost me TWENTY GRAND!

      In conclusion, if you don’t have SOME FORM of carry insurance, get it now and, above all, NEVER TALK TO THE COPS! YOU can ALWAYS give them a later statement. There’s no time limit. Talk to an attorney. Compile your thoughts on paper after careful reflection and introspection but, for GOD’S SAKE, don’t talk to the cops. THEY are not interested in what you say, unless it can convict you, advance their career, or do a favor for a buddy that’s NOT YOU.


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