The UI Champaign’s Dean of the College of Business took a trip up to the big city and came away with a really bad experience.  He almost got a certifiable ass-whoopin’, but he lucked out there.  Heck, he could have been killed.  So what happened?

He called 911 in downtown Chicago – you know, the formerly nice part of Murder City USA – and nobody answered.

It all starts with why he called 911.  Twice.

Not only were there no police available to respond, 911 didn’t even answer the call.

Yup, he saw a beatdown and called 911.

The aggressor saw him calling 911 instead of minding his own business, so Mr. Bully approached Dean Brown.

Brown escaped a beatdown by the thinnest of margins, but then saw this brazen bully grab a young woman by the hair and drag her down some subway stairs.

Apparently Dean Brown doesn’t drink much soy milk, because he said he couldn’t let that happen.

“All I could think was “no f’ing way am I letting him do that.” Brown wrote.  I salute the guy for having the heart of a lion.  The problem was, you can have all the heart in the world, but if you’re not using your head, the bad guys in Chicago will chew you up and kill you.

He dialed 911 again and told the bad guy to leave her alone.  Of course the bad guy’s not worried about the police or going to jail.  The bad guy knows something the Dean of Business down in cornfield country doesn’t:  The police aren’t coming anytime soon, if ever.  And even if they do come, he’s not going to be held in jail for any length of time.

Meanwhile, as Brown’s life is flashing in front of his eyes, his phone rang and rang and rang.  And nobody answered his second 911 call during the incident.

Meanwhile, the bad actor had some words for the college prof/dean:  He said “she is my b***ch, man, ge the f..k out of here before I beat your a..”.

Dean Brown’s damn lucky this guy didn’t pull out a gun and smoke him right there.  Or beat him and leave him seriously injured and/or crippled.

His last text sums it up:

So I went back to hotel. And I am fine.

Good.  Thank goodness.

But I am angry. I’m angry at him. I’m frustrated that dozens of other people did absolutely nothing.

Welcome to life in the big city, country boy.  Those Chicago sheeple keep their heads down for a reason…  it’s survival to them.  Sadly the people in Chicago not only ignore violent crime, but they tolerate that sort of violence.

There’s a reason why “Try that in a small town” resonates with people in flyover country outside of the cities.

And I’m upset at 9-1-1 for not answering.

Yep.  And you wonder why some of us carry our safety rescue tools everyday…

That’s the whole story. No harm done to me. Maybe I was dumb. Maybe I was lucky.

You sir were dumb and lucky.  Get some training and skill sets, Dean Brown.  You seem like you’re one of the good guys.  It’d be a damn shame to lose you over the next foolish incident in Murder City USA.


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  1. What a great marketing opportunity for someone, speaking of Business School deans? Why don’t one of the friends of guns save life Contact the Dean or publish an open letter invitation to have him sit in on a concealed carry glass and to get his foID Card? Or how about any of our friends from High caliber, reach out to him on LinkedIn or Facebook or whatever social media platform he uses and offer him the same? That’s a man just begging to be gently introduced to firearms defensive use.

    Go get him marketing guru’s!

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