Yeah, it says it happened at an Oregon High School but it was really at a middle school.  Specifically, the Hazlebrook Middle School in the Tigard Tualatin School District in Oregon.

What would you do if that was your daughter or granddaughter that found herself on the receiving end of that?  This young man pulled the girl down by her hair and then beat her savagely.

11 thoughts on “WHAT WOULD YOU DO? ‘Trans’ student attacks, savagely beats biological female at Oregon Middle School.”
  1. Me? I wouldn’t do a darn thing. I would pay my attorney for an hour of his time to have a meeting with the school principal to explain what’s going to happen if it should ever happen again. Or perhaps skip the principal who might want to dodge the meeting and have my attorney go to the school board instead.

    1. I don’t have a junior high-aged daughter, but I have sons. By the time they reach junior high, they should have a pretty good handle on Krav Maga. And they’ll have a criminal defense attorney on standby (thank you US Law Shield). And they’ll have my personal attorney ready to sue the goddamn pants off of the school district. If you can’t keep my kid reasonably safe then you can pass a new bond issue to pay for the lawsuits. It’s not that hard.

    2. Going to the school board would probably be most effective, I would demand that the mentally unstable animal was expelled or at the very least suspended and the school can send the asshole to a shrink for anger management classes.

    1. …as well as to be aware of things around them…situational awareness… and other kids acting stupid, aggressive, etc…

  2. “Trannys” seem to be “off-the-rails” hateful, bitter, aggressive, and mentally disturbed. “Male to female” trans seem to be “female haters”, at least this one does, are they trans-ing to take out aggression on real females without consequences?
    “Female to male” trans, if taking testosterone, seem to want to destroy others like the Nashville Christian School shooter went after children and teachers. Is the testosterone messing with their mental sanity?
    Wait till these young mentally disturbed individuals get middle aged, if they survive.

  3. Bystanders filming and doing nothing to stop this! And I saw no teachers or staff?
    Where are the teachers and staff? They are responsible for these childrens safety
    at school.
    A good lawyer should have this girl and her parents owning a school district!
    And the animal that attacked her should be charged as a male adult!
    Some of these kids are out of control and it starts with the parents and the teachers.

  4. In MN, if a school resource officer, a security guard or a teacher saw this, do you know what they will do?

    Nothing. Not a damned thing.

    A new MN state law makes it a criminal and civil offense to try to restrain any student. Democrats think the law is just fine, and refuse to fix it.

    Most of the police agencies in MN have pulled their school resource officers from MN schools. The risk of criminal and civil lawsuits is too damned high.

    Expect the IL legislature to copy this dangerous legislation.

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