No place is a safe space in Chicago these days.  One almost needs a belt-fed, crew-served defensive firearm (and maybe a few other bodyguards/guardians/escorts/protective detail members) to keep you safe.  There’s a reason Mayor Brandon (Let’s go Brandon) has 149 bodyguards:  his city is a hellscape.

This rampant violent crime is having economic impact aside from the direct victims of crime.  It’s also impacting commerce as people wishing to avoid victimhood avoid the Windy City, aka Murder City USA.  That’s making it tough for businesses in the formerly flourishing (and formerly generally safe) location.

Another one of these in recent days:  The Signature Room atop the Hancock Building has abruptly closed.

WGN has the deets (I would have used Crain’s but they’re playing the paywall game, so no traffic for them):

CHICAGO — One of Chicago’s most iconic scenic restaurants has abruptly closed.

According to Crain’s Chicago Business, The Signature Room at 95th, located at 875 North Michigan Avenue in Streeterville, is closing due to “economic issues” related to post-COVID-19 pandemic persisting.

The China flu seems to be a popular cop-out for business closing…  especially when the don’t want to publicly admit crime is impacting their bottom line (along with the economy – Go Bidenomics!).

Of course local mainstream media are reluctant to publicize the rampant violent crime in formerly “safe” parts of the city because that doesn’t win points with the people running the city (into the ground).

WGN added this tidbit:

Crain’s reports that a posted message Thursday, the restaurant owners also blamed safety issues and negative publicity as factors in their decision to close.

Safety from violent crime…  Publicity related to the out-of-control crime – even the limited reporting in the mainstream media making it to people who follow the legacy media dinosaurs for their news and information – is terrible for those paying attention.

That’s in part why the vacancy rate of commercial properties on the Magnificent Mile are approaching 30%.

Yes, the Hancock Room is pricey.  It (was) a nice place to get a really good meal.  But the people who can afford to eat a great meal there can afford to go elsewhere for really good food without needing professional security or state-funded protective details to keep them safe from armed robbers and carjackers.

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