An Illinois gun seller forwarded us this from Pritzker’s private police, the ISP:

From: ISP.IllinoisFFL <>
Date: Fri, Dec 29, 2023 at 1:04 PM
Subject: FW: PICA questions and Gun transfers
To: FFL Holders

The purpose of this email is to clarify any confusion that exists surrounding the topic of accepting transfers of restricted firearms from private citizens.

Clarify any confusion?  Yep.  Makes it crystal clear, just like dropping a hand grenade into a small post clears the water right up!

As documented in PICA and JCAR, on January 12024, citizens will be allowed to transfer PICA regulated firearms to FFLs, provided they have obtained a proper endorsement affidavit. As the FFL, you are not required to confirm the PICA regulated firearm has been endorsed. You will not have access to any database that will allow you to confirm an endorsement. The responsibility of obtaining the endorsement affidavit lies with the owner of the restricted firearm.

Lord help you if we catch you with an unregistered PICA-banned item added to your books after January 1 though!

Additionally,  JCAR (Section 1230.65) states: d) If transfer of an assault weapon, assault weapon attachment, .50 caliber rifle, .50 caliber cartridge, or large capacity ammunition feeding device is required, transfer shall be made to: 10) An FFL for export to another state.

For clarification, you are not allowed to receive these PICA regulated firearms/items for the purpose of building and maintaining an inventory. These PICA regulated firearms/items must be exported out of state unless you have an exempt customer who is ready and willing to purchase the item.

Well, it’s not exactly like guns are crypto where there are hundreds, if not thousands of prospective buyers holding our their bids.  But then again, the purpose of this law is to ban these guns, not facilitate their transfer out of the state.

Question 59, on the Illinois State Police website, under the PICA FAQs states:

  1. Q) As an FFL, can I maintain an inventory of regulated items for sale?
  2. A) Yes, an FFL can “maintain” their inventory of assault weapons they had as of January 10, 2023, and can sell to exempt customers. Please refer to section 720 ILCS 5/24-1.9 and 1.10

This question deals specifically with inventory that an FFL had at the time PICA was passed, January 10th, 2023. An FFL may order a specific PICA regulated firearm/item to sell to a specific exempt buyer, but is prohibited from acquiring PICA regulated firearms/items and maintaining an inventory beyond what was possessed prior to January 10th, 2023.

Do a quick search of PICA for the word “inventory” and get back to me.  Ditto for rule-making.  SPOILER:  I’m told it isn’t there.

State of Illinois – CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The information contained in this communication is confidential, may be attorney-client privileged or attorney work product, may constitute inside information or internal deliberative staff communication, and is intended only for the use of the addressee. Unauthorized use, disclosure or copying of this communication or any part thereof is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately by return e-mail and destroy this communication and all copies thereof, including all attachments. Receipt by an unintended recipient does not waive attorney-client privilege, attorney work product privilege, or any other exemption from disclosure.

Take your confidentiality notice and carefully deposit it where the sun doesn’t shine very often.

11 thoughts on “ISP further muddies the water for federally licensed gun sellers reference banned guns”
  1. The Prickster crew has me so confused on this PICA law I’m going out tomorrow and destroy all my empty 50 Caliber ammo cans I’ve been storing some of my fishing gear in. I believe the safest way to destroy these dangerous ammo cans is to cut them up with a torch, flatten them with a hammer, and bury them. My question is how deep should I bury them to be on the law abiding citizen list and not on the felon list. I’m an old man and wouldn’t do well in a prison environment.

    1. You should identify as an old woman, and stay with the ladies. What could go wrong? I’m kidding.

      Confusion is a feature, not a bug.

    2. This was always intended, of course. The law was written with contradictory and confusing verbiage to ensure that citizens attempting to comply will be ensnared by it. Remember, ISP employed their ‘in-house firearms expert’ to write the definitions in much of this dreck. The law finds purpose in registering vertical foregrips, for example, even if you don’t own a gun that the vertical foregrip fits. It’s an assault weapon unto itself. It isn’t even serialized, but you still have to register it. If you have a pistol with a picatinny rail on it, it is not an assault weapon unless you snap said vertical foregrip to it. The combination is totally useless, but makes the gun subject to registration.

      This is what we are tasked with complying with. ISP should have told Putzker to ESAD the second this was signed and stuck with enforcement. They didn’t. They helped write it, and then did their very best to blow smoke up our asses via the three ridiculous hearings they held. Their own people are stunningly incompetent at the very law they are tasked with. They can’t decipher it, and continue to provide inconsistent information about it. Their experts couldn’t tell the difference between a Glock, an Airsoft and a Super Soaker.

  2. Dear “back the blue” useful idiots:

    Consider this your friendly notice. If you voice ANY hint of support for law enforcement you will be henceforth, shunned and treated like a sex offender who commits crimes against the public. We don’t need your kind in America.

    1. I won’t lump them all together yet, but actions speak a lot louder than words. We are assured locally that my county considers itself a strong 2A sanctuary county that will not pursue nor enforce PICA, and will also not prosecute. The town I live in, its mayor and Chief of Police have said the exact same publicly. Our sheriff is quite vocal on this as well. We will eventually see how that plays here. For gun-owners living in Cook, Lake or Champaign County, you will be the first to be oppressed and will likely the the first test cases for constitutionality of PICA. Remember that ISP can act unilaterally regardless of your local government attitude towards PICA, however.

      As far as ISP goes, it is the enemy of the people now. Any trooper that chooses Putzker and his bogus law over the citizenry and the Constitution are traitors to their oath, and to our trust. Troopers: if you are not a traitor and now find yourself in the uniform of one, I suggest finding employment with a police dept. that still supports 2A rights. There are still some out there. For the rest of you, it’s time for some serious soul-searching about who you really are and what you will tolerate from your employer in the name of the law you purport to uphold. Are you going to be a good little soldier that just follows orders, or will you stand firm to your oath? Will you murder legal gun owners for what they own in the name of enforcement, or will you say HELL NO? Choose wisely.

    2. WOW! To think, in 2020, I got “banhammered” for such heresy.

      MY HOW THE TIMES have changed, eh?

      You fellers NOT looking to walking yourselves into the cattle cars on their way to the “decontamination showers?”

      Remember, if the Jews had fought back, maybe only TWO MILLION OF THEM would have died, instead of the SIX MILLION THAT DID.

      Which car will you be in?

      AND REMEMBER THIS, too: To the men and ponytail patrol in uniform who go door-to-door killing and confiscating our arms, we KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. You will not have homes to go “home” to.

    3. Travis:
      Why are you not “shunning and shaming” poster “GLS 1589” and treating him/her like a “sex offender”? The one also known as the “GrifterLyingScum” blatantly “back the blue” that you so desperately despise?
      If you don’t, YOU are a farce!

  3. I would like to personally thank the Illinois Supreme Court, The 7th Circuit and the United States Supreme Court for ignoring the Constitution of the United States regarding the PICA law because it exposes who people really are. Now we are at the next stage of the game where the apologists, the Brownshirt sympathizers like Senator Plummer and all of these back the badge communists can now be finally called out for the anti-American, anti-Bill of Rights trash they are posing as constitutionalists. Real Americans, please feel FREE to shame them to the ends of the earth. They deserve it.

    1. GLS 1589 says:
      December 30, 2023 at 1:02 pm
      I stand with Senator Plummer and have sympathy for the state police. The courts are rude for all of this back and forth because the troopers on the ground should have clarity on what to do when they pull over a subject talking on their phone or some other activity civilians aren’t smart enough to do themselves. Hopefully, these “my rights” residents of Illinois don’t get an attitude with the respectful officer just doing their job. They have bills to pay and their paycheck is more important than yours or whether or not you’re in prison getting satisfied by Bubba because they protect us and have a tough job to do. We OWE them 100% blanket respect for whatever they want to do and they should never be questioned or held accountable. This is why we must protect qualified immunity. Police have to make quick and often times difficult decisions so they shouldn’t be in trouble for screwing up, especially if they kill the wrong person like that state trooper is seen on video doing blasting an unarmed man in a wheelchair. That officer could be in prison for murder if he was treated like anyone else. That would end the officers paycheck and we shouldn’t allow that.
      Back the BADGE!
      G T H GLS 1589

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