Tucker Carlson knows a lot of people who know a lot of stuff.  He believes that Iran will crank off an EMP shot over America (or one of America’s coasts) to send a big part of America into blackout.  Personally, it seems a lot more likely that Iran will go with a more low-tech attack from sleeper cells already here on American soil.

While you cannot do anything about the Biden regime’s incompetence securing our borders, you can take steps to improve your own preparedness at home.


Here’s the high points:

• You don’t want to travel.
• You want to have a place to stand your ground.
• Have Guns and ammo
• Dams will gonna fail
• Money will be useless
• Everything will fall apart
• Phones won’t work
• No oil through the pipelines
• No airlines
• No food deliveries
• No Water

“If you’ve put everything online, because the people who run our country are so stupid that they’ve actually done that, you’re so vulnerable that it’s unbelievable. You’re using Chinese servers and switchers, and at that point, you don’t need to drop a nuke on anybody— you just scramble the circuits.

Why would they bother to throw a missile at the United States, across the ocean, when they could unplug the country?

Then you have mass casualties, and mass chaos. People are not prepared for this. They haven’t thought it through. Our leaders have not prepared them for it all.“

7 thoughts on “HE’S NOT THE ONLY ONE: Tucker Carlson foresees EMP attack on America if we attack Iran”
  1. I don’t think it’s going to be Iran. It’ll be BLAMED on Iran, but history will never tell the truth, like so many things. Who was blamed for 9/11? WHO took down Tower 7, and why? Why did those buildings pancake like they were imploded?
    Sure, we’ll blame Iran, but how many nukes DO they have, thanks to OBAMA? Maybe one? Maybe two? Do they have ICBM’s? No. Can they use a sub to launch off our coasts? No.
    I think it’ll be north Korea. They have two satellites that criss-cross over the center (approx) of America, and for no good reason whatsoever, UNLESS for EMP. I submit that the NORKS would be STUPID to NOT have at least one nuke on each one of those satellites that can just be DROPPED from the margins of space. ONE will destroy MOST of our electronic infrastructure. TWO would take us out for GENERATIONS. And NORK can blame it, or let the UN or other corrupt governmental orgs, on Iran.
    The EMP Commission said, in the 90’s, that it was not a question of IF, but, rather, a question of WHEN.

    WHEN is now, boys. Are you prepared? Can you live an 18th Century lifestyle? Heck, half of you can’t sleep without a machine that breathes for you. Half of you have insulin-dependent diabetes. Half of you are MORBIDLY obese. Half of you have NO supplies set aside. I have been actively preparing for EMP disaster specifically for about fifteen years now, from about the time they caught that NORK freighter trying to slip through the Panama Canal with MISSILES in her hold, enroute to the Commiefornia coastline! That gave me pause. Then the attack on the San Jose power substation? That never got addressed, but they were VICTORIOUS. It wasn’t a “dry run,” it was an OP. And it succeeded. NOW all they have to do is repeat it at UNDER TEN substations around the country in the middle of the night and, BAM! There goes our power grid. AT the same TIME as an EMP? It’s all over for us. I can live in the 18th century. I have no co-morbidities. As long as the CHinese don’t launch another bio-weapon on us at the same TIME as the EMP, I’ll be good. That first one dang near took me OUT. It aint’ no simple cold, that’s for shore!

    1. They didn’t pancake like they were imploded, they pancaked because they collapsed, both starting to collapse at the point where the planes hit. That’s where the fire was the hottest and was able to weaken the steel enough for a collapse.

    2. Well Ken when I had first learned about an EMP and what it could do I had some thoughts about that. First thing you would need is an old WW2 generator. No electronics in that. Because those were compression ignition you’d need an old 1960’s 5HP gas engine to get the generator started. No electronics in that either. An early to mid 1960’s car too. No electronics in that, also. A hand pump for your well could also come in handy. An old tube type radio might come in handy to since you never know, but someone with old enough equipment might still be able broadcast. This is just a couple of things. G

  2. All due respect, that is NOT what is shown in every video taken that day.

    In fact, you can see individual explosions on each floor before the collapse starts period I am not wearing a tinfoil hat, but there are so many problems with what happened that day that 1 right-thinking individual cannot help but doubt the official government story .

    And, sir, you didn’t address why building 7 came down. It only had broken windows ; were those structural windows? I watched a c n n reporterette tell us on live t v how that building 7 was taken down by decision of the owners. As she breathlessly and blowing hairly told us this She was standing right in front of a building seven standing tall and proud.

    If you haven’t seen another exclusive reveal of government fraud. I suggest you go to info wars and check out the lovely and talented Mindy Robinson’s documentary on the Las Vegas shooting. You may know her as a beautiful actress from b-movies. Or as Randy couture’s lovely significant other. But one thing she IS IS brilliant. And she tells you that what the government is telling you about the route 91 shooting did not happen.

    Or I suppose you believe the government story yhat TWA flight 800 just magically fell out of the sky? Despite the hundreds of qualified witnesses who testified that they saw a rocket trail leave the ground and strike the aircraft, after which it fell.

    I’m hoping that there are a few minds open to persuasion on this site yet because it wasn’t very long ago that I learned that my government that my family fought and died to found back in the revolution is now rotten from the head down.

    And officer friendly is not your friend.

  3. Why is GSL posting propaganda from a three times fired failed talkshow host and known grifter and liar. Yeah Tucker Carlson also said we would run out of Diesel fuel by last thanksgiving. We still have it. There’s not a single thing this grifting charlatan has been right about for the past 3 years and probably longer than that. His lying and grifting also helped cost fox nearly a billion dollars. Tucker Carlson just like so many conservative “populists” is a fraud who has gotten rich off stupid people who think he actually cares about them. Tucker Carlson is shilling for Iran and Hamas because he’s a closeted anti semite. And I know that because every conspiracy he has pushed is rooted in anti semitism. Stop legitimizing this jew hating grifter simply because the left doesn’t like him. Also this EMP nonsense is straight out of a Hollywood movie and isn’t grounded in reality. Iran does not even have anywhere close to the technology to even mount such an attack and North Korea can barely build a functioning bomb which isnt even big enough to cause such an effect. And even if they did the U.S has offshore nuclear submarines and bases that would turn any country that did this into a smoking crater. Stop posting pro-Iran propaganda from a failed fascist grifter and charlatan who thinks we should be more like Russia.

  4. Nooooooooooo…. really? C’mon man, technology is our friend. I remember when I was a programmer. No joke!

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