Happy Monday!  We love it when good triumphs over evil.  Along those lines, we bring you a story from last week when two aspiring scholars walked into a pizza shop in Philly.  They weren’t interested in tasty pizza from George’s Famous Pizza.  Instead they wanted money.  They didn’t get any money but George’s is now famous for more than pizza.

It all went down in the City of Brotherly Love.  Unfortunately, those brothers’ hearts weren’t filled with love, but hate and evil.

They pulled out a gun, fired off shots in a takeover armed robbery.  Fortunately, at least one of the staffers traded his pizza wheel for a gat.

At that point, (at least) one of George’s staff filled one of the thugs’ hearts with lead, ending his threat.  The other thug didn’t stick around to render aid to his accomplice.  Instead, he ran as fast as his little feet would carry him.  Probably realized he needed to study for a test in astrophysics or something.

From the Philadelphia Enquirer

Two men attempting to rob a pizza shop in Philadelphia’s Frankford section Saturday night ended up exchanging gunfire with a store employee — and one of the would-be robbers was killed, according to police.

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