Last week we covered an attempt to seek out some “street justice” after an older couple was robbed by armed thugs in a likely stolen (carjacked) car.  Now, Second City Cop reports on a second case.  Not only does this one look like “street justice” but it also appears a whole lot more successful for the good guys.

In short, a career burglar was exiting an “unknown” garage when he got thumped with a blunt force instrument.  And the people doing the thumping “tried to take his bike.”

Here, let me offer an alternative description.  Mr. Burglar was in someone’s garage who didn’t appreciate a dirtbag stealing the homeowner’s property.  So he beat the crap out of the guy with a baseball bat and trashed his bike so the mope would have to walk his happy butt home AND would have limited mobility until he stole another bike.

From SCC:

…This could be the same thing – note the victim:

  • [taken from 016 District community newsletter emailed this way] 31 Oct 0225hrs, Att Robbery, unk / 5400 W Montrose area, alley, JG485307: Victim (IR#1623461, mult Burg hist) relates was exiting an unk garage when he was battered with a blunt object by unk offenders who then tried to take his bicycle.

So the victim:

  • has an IR number with multiple burglary arrests
  • and he was “exiting an unk garage” which we take to mean it wasn’t his garage
  • and he was battered by “unk offenders”

Who would batter a guy coming out of a garage that wasn’t his?

  • maybe….the homeowner?

Maybe not. Maybe we’re completely off base. But it’s fun to think that vigilantism is slowly spreading across the city and suddenly, a lot of our job is going to be giving reports to criminals at the hospital after they got caught doing things they shouldn’t be doing.

3 thoughts on “VIGILANTISM #2? Second City Cop reports on suspicious case that surely looks like ‘street justice’ delivered”
  1. I get the “unk” is unknown, “community newsletter” has me confused, and “IR” might be Identity Registered? with #1623461 as registered number for multiple burglary history, so “victim” was known burglar. “Street justice” might be a “wake-up” call?

  2. IR number is a chicago pd number for an individual record, essentially his number for being an arrestee of CPD. This number is assigned you the first time you get arrested and every time afterwards, that number is recorded with each arrest. Thats a relatively low number, they are now 7 digits, indicating this guy has been around awhile. The area is full of working people, so I don’t find it strange that dude was tuned up by a local. He was given a message, no doubt.

  3. “Teamwork, teamwork…..” Bad-da-bing !!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……

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