The left in America has worked hard to suppress the so-called ‘transgendered’ Nashville Christian school killer’s manifesto for many months now.  Thanks to a leak, Steven Crowder got it and published the first three pages.  It’s dark.  It’s evil.  It’s hate-filled.


SPOILER ALERT:  The good news is that the little social misfit’s one point, “Ready to die” was fulfilled.   And here’s how it went down.

Yeah, it’s age restricted, but adults will appreciate what how so many good people responded to put down the evil killer like a rabid dog.

Read what the FBI and the hard left tech companies wanted to keep from you.





6 thoughts on “LEAKED! Nashville school killer’s manifesto partially leaked: ‘wanna kill all you little crackers’, ‘I hope I have a high death count’, ‘I’m ready…I hope my victims aren’t.’”
  1. Makes you wonder where she was taught such hatred for others.
    So sad. Our schools and institutions are indoctrinating our youth to hate our country and themselves.

  2. The despicable waste of oxygen, born “female” wanted to be “male”, was sooo mentally disturbed, taking some form of testosterone to try to become “masculine” has exhibited by her/his pitiful existence that “changing” genders/sexes/biology is pointless/impossible and to attempt such idiocy creates insanity, leads to insanity, at the very least. Was she/he trying too hard to be “macho”? Where did she/he get such twisted ideas/hatefulness? Where were her parents to not see how deranged she/he was becoming? So many unfathomable questions “after the fact”, are/is anyone watching another mentally disturbed young person following or going down this same path?
    Pray for America that these kinds of individuals are stopped before they injure or kill innocent victims in a similar tirade.

  3. One thought on this: The end is near the s is definitely going to hit the f very soon. what are you prepared to do with people like her After SHTF? We will not have cops. We will not have courts, we will not have jails and we will not have prisons. Are you resolved to what we must do With people like her post s h t f? You know what i’m saying, but are you ready? You must steel yourselves to be ready because it could happen tonight.
    GOD save us.

  4. Did anyone ever figure out how and why she had a different pair of shoes on from when she walked in and the time she was shot? Asking for a friend.

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