Holy guacamole, Batman!  The Bloomington, IL PD will host a “gun buyback” Sunday, October 29th.   What’s more, they are paying BIG, BIG BUCKS for unwanted and unloved guns!

After a call to Bloomington Police this morning, I learned they’re paying $200 for ‘unwanted’ rifles, shotguns and handguns.  Don’t look now, but it gets a LOT better!  They’re paying $400 for ‘unwanted’ ghost guns!  And they’re paying $500 for unwanted ‘assault’ guns.  My question is:  is their definition of “assault” guns the same as in the PICA gun & magazine ban law?

Either way, let’s help them make it a big success.

Got unwanted, non-functioning, or barely functioning firearms?  Have any antiques that are effectively obsolete?  Or even modern guns like the Keltec P3AT, the Ruger LCP (first generation) or worse yet, the Taurus Turd (“Curve“) that are effectively obsolete and nearly worthless?  Here’s your chance to sell them to some do-gooders for perfectly good cash.  AGAIN, LET’S HELP THEM MAKE IT A BIG SUCCESS!I’d recommend getting there around 9am or so (the location is 2602 Six Points Road in Bloomington).  There will be a line.  There always is.  And they’ll be out of cash within the first half-hour, of so.
More at the Facebook announcement 


GSL likely won’t be participating because yours truly is out of clunkers.  And we’re not accepting any more.

If you would like to take your broken-down stuff out to the fire station on Six Points Road and deliver them to the do-gooders, great.  Then if you want to donate those funds to GSL for use in youth shooting programs across Illinois, we at Guns Save Life will happily accept the cash and/or pre-paid “gift cards.”  Heaven knows there are countless school clays programs, Pheasants Forever Young Guns programs and youth shooting camps across our state that could use a few hundred bucks.  (We can run credit cards all day long and twice on Sundays.)

We don’t want you to drop off guns with us and I’ll tell you why:

We’ve already been targeted by overzealous law enforcement officers trying to lure us into ignoring waiting periods and proper protocols for private transfers of firearms in our state.   Why those cops aren’t out busting gang bangers and their full-auto Glocks?  We don’t know.   That might be a little more dangerous than trying to bait a CCW holder…

Given the 309 area code of the recent caller who didn’t identify himself but said he had “upwards of a dozen” guns that he was willing to drop off at my house for our next buyback adventure, I’m starting to think the source of the call might have been one of Bloomington’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Police Chief Jamal’s buddies.  If so, that would truly be disappointing.


10 thoughts on “HELP FUND YOUTH SHOOTING: Bloomington, IL gun ‘buyback’ this SUNDAY! $200, $400 & $500 CASH paid per gun! Help make it a big success! UPDATED!”
  1. I think I heard somewhere that you also have to be a resident of Bloomington to participate. Can anyone confirm?

    1. Everything I read and heard on the news says it’s a no questions asked event. Interestingly it’s supposed to be a drive threw event and you don’t have to leave your car. I’m sure someone will discreetly be writing down plate numbers ?

  2. For that kind of money I’m in! Their Facebook post says no questions asked. I’m sure there’s going to be video surveillance inside that building. They would be fools not to. Off to check my safe right now

  3. From WMBD:

    BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD)- The Bloomington Police Department will host their first gun buyback event on Sunday.

    The drive-thru event offers cash incentives for up to four unloaded firearms per vehicle to encourage residents to part ways with their weapons, no questions asked.

    “We’re not going to ask you where you got the gun… No identifying questions will be asked… We want everybody to feel welcome and not have any fear of there being any criminal charges pursued when they drop these firearms off,” said Officer Bryce Janssen, public information officer for Bloomington Police Department.

    Bloomington police will pay $200 for handguns, shotguns and rifles, $400 for ghost guns and $500 for assault weapons. More than four firearms will be accepted, but there will be no cash payout for those.

  4. The most fun part of a “buy back” is when it’s over and they line up all the guns they collected. They have a couple tables full and the cops and funders and maybe even a “mom” stand in the background for the picture for the papers and social media. The public is supposed to be impressed and shocked by all the dangerous weapons taken off the street. In reality it’s a big laugh to see everyone so serious over 2 or 3 folding tables full of total pieces of shit that all the non criminals cashed in to fund new gun purchases.

    1. We were there at 8:30 and about six cars behind John. We finally go in the building around 12:30. I doubt if anyone who showed up at 10AM received any money. There were no porta potties and they would not let anyone use the restrooms in the building. Naturally, they bought junk from us that only the desperate would use as a criminal. We did get $800 however. The receipts were mostly wrong, lacking serial numbers and even had the brands wrong on two guns.
      Basically a waste of taxpayer resources.

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