Guns Save Life has quite the reputation for repeatedly stinging government buyback events.  We trade junk guns, sometimes utterly trashed guns for perfectly good cash which we then forward to youth shooting programs across the state.  Oh yeah, occasionally, we even use the money to buy guns to give away to the kids.

Roughly ten years ago, we popped Chicago for about $6500 while turning in almost 70 guns at one of their gun buybacks.  The international publicity caused such a black eye for Murder City USA that they suspended the buyback program for a couple of years.  Even today it’s but a weak shadow of its former self.

So in the past month or so, I’ve taken at least four phone calls from supposed members who each have multiple guns to deliver to me for us to take to our next buyback adventure.   One was a member I knew from Peoria.  Factor him out of this equation.

In fact, with each phone call of these people I didn’t know, the number of guns they have to deliver to me has grown.  This most recent one didn’t give an exact number but said it was “probably close to a dozen.”

In past years, I’d get a phone call every now and then.  The people would identify themselves and I’d sometimes even recognize their voices.  Or they would approach me at meetings.

These past three phone calls have struck me as odd in that they didn’t identify themselves.  Not only that but they seemed not only willing to bring them to my house, but maybe just a dash eager.

Now, I remind everyone that under the terms of the Protect Illinois Communities Act, as of July 1st, you’re supposed to run all private transfers through a dealer to do background checks, paperwork, etc.  All three of these callers had no need or desire to run these “clunkers” and whatnot through a dealer.

Failure to do so is a felony in pretty short order.

In Gavin DeBecker’s The Gift of Fear, he teaches people not to ignore their intuition.

I’m pretty sure this is a sting.  I don’t know if it’s some rogue boys from Chicago’s infamous CAGE unit or if this is the boys over at the Illinois State Police. But I’m reasonably sure these, given their frequency and their eagerness to bring the stuff to me are not interested in helping us sting (pun intended) another gun buyback event.

For the record publicly:  We aren’t collecting guns any longer given the end of private transfers in Illinois.

With that in mind, ISP/CPD/whomever is running this sting:  please stop calling.

Then again, I might have you bring them and call the law to meet you for attempting to engage in felony gunrunning.  Wouldn’t that make for some great video, audio and pictures?  Don’t forget, I’ve got 4k surveillance cameras all the way around my residence.

17 thoughts on “NICE TRY: GSL in law enforcement crosshairs re: gun buybacks?”
  1. When they call, ask for their name and number and tell them you’ll have to call them back. Either they’ll fall for it and give you the info, or they won’t bother you anymore.

    1. I have their number from caller ID. They aren’t stupid enough to call from a “blocked” number. Burner phones are cheap. 309 area code for this last one. I won’t publish the number because of the new “doxxing” law.

  2. Sounds like the type of low class operation the ISP / CAGE unit Gestapo would pull. They don’t go after criminals, they try to jam up law abiding people while criminals run rampant. Maybe they lack the balls or just want easy arrests. Just in case they’re legit tell them ( and everyone who wants to help ) to take the guns to the buyback themselves and then donate the money and that’s pretty much the only way left to do it anymore because of the bullshit law.

  3. How convenient the General Assembly just passed the doxing bill for themselves with all that’s going on and unbelievable laws getting signed.
    This new doxing law screams QUILTY CONSCIENCE.

    1. Yes. The FBI’s attempt to do incriminate citizens ended poorly in in South Dakota.

  4. Watch your step young man. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes after the first of January.

  5. My wife said she saw that Bloomington is having a gun buyback at the end of the month. You mentioned a 309 A/C. Related? Is the BPD “diversity” hire police chief gunning for you?

  6. Mr. Boch

    I have some old “single shot” Menards style guns ready to mail to you. What’s your address? I can “print” gun on the side or just “print” the entire gun. We could meet after a GSL meeting or whenever your available. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    XYZ agency, Office of the Gestapo Brownshirts (non-oathtakers)

    CC ISP Special Marx Division

    Parody/Not Parody

  7. Wow. Sounds like your intuition is well-tuned. For what its worth, I support your decision to bail out of the gun buybacks because of the new laws. Legal bills add up quickly. It’d be a shame to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

  8. LOVE that picture of all those kids with their guns. THAT’s probably enough to cause gun haters to piss down their legs. As for the sting, your story about this should be embarrassment enough.

  9. Surely, with all your support of cops, you must know a friendly one who would run a Sting with you. All you have to do is say yes. Sure, show app! And then Mr. Officer friendly clinks the bracelets on them. Wouldn’t that be funny when the local police announce that an ISP officer was arrested for attempting to violate PIca.

    And what’s the antidoxing law? Haven’t heard a thing about it.

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