Our sources inside the Pritzker inner circle are sharing more tidbits.  We learned a few weeks ago about Gov. Jelly Beans and his plan to “close the existing owner loophole” next year after the registration period closes through new legislation Rep. Bob Morgan will be delighted to file.  What will trigger this?  A mass casualty incident, especially if it happens in Illinois.

What’s the latest from our sources?  We’re told that on or about December 5th, the governor will announce a 78% compliance rate to the gun registration scheme currently underway in the Land of Lincoln.  He’ll urge the remaining gun owners to go ahead and register their guns before the end of the year.

Folks, it’s all just be a bald-faced lie.  At that point it will all be about psychological operations to coax gun owners to register their guns, mags and accessories.  “Peer pressure” in simpler terms.

He wants gun owners sitting on the fence to go ahead and register their now-banned firearms.

Again, why?

So they can have a confiscation order next spring.

“Ladies and Gentlemen:  Turn them in.”  That’s ol’ JB’s goal.  Failure to surrender them in a 90 to 120-day window will result in additional felony charges for the (formerly) law-abiding gun owners who refuse to surrender their registered guns, magazines and accessories.  Oh yeah, and .50 caliber ammo as well.

In reality, expect a compliance rate somewhere in the 8-13% range if other states with similar registration schemes in the past are any indicator.

10 thoughts on “COMING ON OR ABOUT DECEMBER 5 – Gov. Pritzker: ‘78% compliance rate on gun registration’”
  1. John, thanks for the heads up and please continue to advise us on these tidbits. I would say the 8-13% compliance rate is more like it, BUT, hopefully, the compliance rate is even below 8%. The FUDD’s among us will determine how high that number goes. That said, however many people actually register something there’s about a 100% chance they forget something. So down the road whomever ignores the calls for confiscation and don’t turn things in will probably face an enforcement team that will raid the house and find that one grip that wasn’t registered and charge the person for it so their attempts to be in compliance of the law was just a volunteered list of property and an address for them to raid.
    John, I hope you or someone with a platform plans to FOIA the ISP the first week of January 2024 to get the actual numbers of everything registered. Not just firearms, but ammo and parts too. The public has a right to know actual numbers and the ISP is required by law to comply. Hahaha

    1. Why wait until January to file a FOIA? If Jumbo comes out with that garbage, file the request immediately.

  2. One thing I just can’t stand about this lard ass is that in every speech and every press conference ( or whatever ) he does we get this condescending talking down to like we’re a bunch of silly children that need his advice on everything. like we didn’t think of every aspect of an issue and he’s going to enlighten everyone and that’s on everything not just guns. The clinical name for this combination of personality traits is called BEING AN ASSHOLE. Maybe growing up as a do nothing zero accomplishment blob with rich parents buying you college degrees and a Governorship causes this. As far as the actual compliance rate we’ll see here in the Peoples Republic of Illinois I’m going to guess higher at maybe 20% due to the fact this state is so infested with brain dead sheep that have no concept of liberty. After all these zombies voted for all this and they’re gullible enough to believe there isn’t going to be confiscation. Make sure you remind every Fudd and every Dummycrat gun owner you know that they need to register because that’s what they helped get us into.

  3. Hard to take advice from someone who has accomplished zilch on his own. Without the family money he would be nothing. Except for another fat ass malcontent.

    1. It’s worth noting that the family didn’t want him anywhere near management of the family empire…

  4. A mass shooting in Illinois after the first of the year will be the trigger to file the law that is probably already written. It won’t matter if the shooting is done with a crossbow it will be the fault of those horrible “assault weapons.” Happier every day I made the move to Indiana.

    1. You nailed it with … The law is probably already written. I think you’re 100% correct on that. It’s just sitting in drawer at Bob Morgans office waiting to be shoved into a shell bill after a few tweaks to make it worse and a 3 am vote. Anyone that thinks registration is the last step and will pacify the tyrants that run this shit hole state is in for a big surprise.

  5. Remember, photos show that “Representative” Bob Morgan was caught dancing with glee that the Highland Park parade attack by a whacko enabled Bob’s celebrity status with “Moms Demand Wrong Solutions for Every Town in America”. He’ll seek that adrenaline rush from Pritzker’s approval again.

  6. How can he truthfully state a 78% compliance rate when he doesnt know how many there are to begin with? Asking for the guy in the back……..

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