Second City Cop has their finger on the pulse of the Chicago Police Department.  Within the department, Unit 542 is the Mayor BJ’s protective detail.

The “man of the people” has easily the largest protective detail of any mayor in history.

How big?

According to Second City Cop, Daley Jr. had 20 officers and 2 sergeants.  Admittedly, you can divide by roughly 5 to get the number of cops on duty.  Figure about a 4 to 5 man detail during the days and a couple overnight.

Rahm had the smallest detail in recent memory.

Lori Lightweight?  She had dozens.  Almost 100 total.  At any given time, according to Second City, Lori had a “two-man” car in front, another in back, two roving vehicles and because she thought MS-13 was going to strike, there was a SWAT team parked on the corner.  Just to guard her residence.

Now here comes Brandon.  He says “hold my vodka and tonic and watch this.”

Brandon’s house detail alone is “well over” 120 cops, or about 24-30 on duty at any given time.  Gotta give the wife and kids protection, you know.

Then there’s the four eight-man teams that accompany Mr. Mayor, each led by a sergeant.

With spares, it’s now well over 150 armed officers protecting the mayor.  Up from 149 earlier this year.

One one hand that’s pretty exceptionally narcissistic.  I know billionaires that only have less than a dozen full-time bodyguards, with only two or three accompanying the protectee and maybe one for the spouse.

But then again, I understand the mayor’s sensitivity to security.  It would be pretty humiliating if a carload of thugs rolled up on the mayor’s SUV (pictured above) intending to carjack it.  That would make international news!


From SCC:

Unit 542

So BJ has been increasing the size of his protection detail. It’s seriously rivaling Secret Service details for persons in line for the presidency. For comparison purposes:

  • Daley had about 20 officers and 2 sergeants acting as “commanders”
  • Rahm had 16 officers and a sergeant acting as “commander”
  • Lori brought over multiple actual sergeants, a lieutenant and expanded her house detail, including a 2-man car in front, a 2-man car in back, 2 roving vehicles and a SWAT heavy weapons vehicle on the corner.

BJ’s detail is currently 32 officers, 5 sergeants, a lieutenant and a commander. We can see four 8-man teams, each led by a sergeant with a spare in case of furloughs, days off, whatever. And a lieutenant to supervise the sergeants….but a commander over a single lieutenant?

And if the rumors are to be believed, the OT bill is HUGE as of late. Unit 542 is racking up hours that would make a Detective Area blush, so if you’re missing that Tiered Deployment money, you might want to apply to guard BJ and his house.

By the way, the house detail is rumored to be well over 120 officers.

5 thoughts on “UNIT 542: Chicago Mayor Brandon’s protective detail continues to grow…”
  1. Brandon should have a parade. March the whole detail and all the vehicles down the streets. Let the brain dead zombies see what they voted for and get to pay for while they’re left to fend for themselves. No worries Brandon, the idiot sheep will clop to the polls to re elect you.

  2. Obviously big brain Brandon has his own motorcade. Which begs the question. Who the hell does he think he is? Oh, that’s right a wannabe tyrant.

  3. Why does “Big Brain” need a protection detail at all? Aren’t the gangs his prized constituents? Didn’t he run for office on less law enforcement and more crime, or at least less/no accountability for criminal activity? Maybe he just needs a bigger motorcade than POTUS to feed his EGO because we all know “BIGGER IS BETTER” to impress the political leftists.

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