Someone’s going to score a big payday from Walgreens, Inc.  This after a Walgreens employee (allegedly management) with a felony conviction in his past and no FOID or CCW in his wallet pulled a gun on a customer at a Walgreens in the Old Town neighborhood in Chicago.  Specifically in Aisle 13.  Things sort of went sideways as the trigger-happy felon allegedly poked the other man full of holes.  Meanwhile, he also caught a cool new scar on his chest from a graze wound from an incoming round.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Prosecutors didn’t charge Morris with shooting and nearly killing the other man.  Not sure if that’s because of a self-defense claim that didn’t make it into CWB Chicago’s story or if it’s just another incidence of Cook County Prosecutor Kim Foxx not prosecuting bad people for bad crimes.

From CWB Chicago:

CHICAGO — The Walgreens employee Chicago police say shot another man during a dispute inside the company’s Old Town store has faced weapons-related charges five times since 2018, most recently in June, according to court records, but he has only been convicted once.

Lamont Morris, 26, is currently charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon in connection with the incident at the store, 1601 North Wells, on Saturday. He is not criminally charged with shooting the other man. Judge Maryam Ahmad released Morris with a curfew to await trial.

Police said a 32-year-old man who knows Morris entered the store just before midnight and pulled out a gun during an “altercation” with Morris. Morris allegedly pulled out his own firearm, and the men engaged in a shootout on aisle 13. Morris suffered a graze wound to his chest, but the other man was critically wounded, according to CPD.

3 thoughts on “SHOOTOUT IN AISLE 13 AT WALGREENS: Felon Walgreens staffer in possession of a gun (again) critically wounds customer”
  1. Mutual combatants? No just common criminals. Or as we see across the United States. The newest privileged class of people. Stay frosty sisters and brothers.

  2. There is a case in a nearby jurisdiction where a convicted felon with no firearm rights mysteriously obtained a pistol when someone else was attacking his home with a gun, and shot the attacker. He was entitled to the defense of self-defense. Much argument about whether he had the right to “possess” a firearm despite his felonies and the court said, “yes, even convicted felons have the right to exercise deadly force when deadly force is used against them.”

    So maybe MORRIS was the innocent one…who knows?

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