Eddie, the “Alpha Male” on Twitter (“X”) has posted that he plans to begin going door-to-door and taking everyone’s firearms.  For those who refuse, Eddie plans on making a citizen’s arrest.

Eddie, buddy, can I furnish you directions to my casa?  I’ll bet a crisp $100 bill that you couldn’t take either of my 4-year-olds’ handguns from them.

Imaging that, Eddie the Alpha Male can’t even take a 4-year-old’s 9mm pistol.  (Okay, they’re about to be five, but still…)  Times two.

Now, how does that twit from Toronto – yes, he’s a Canadian –  think he’s gonna come to America and take people’s guns because “congress” [sic] won’t step up to the plate?

Apparently he’s a professional soccer player.  Given what professional soccer players (don’t) make, he probably couldn’t even afford the gas to make the trip, much less a hotel.  Maybe he can wait until the team bus drives by on its way to somewhere.

Talk about a gasbag.

Eddie knows his rights!

And he has a plan.  He’s not going to do it himself.  Is he gonna have others do the dirty work?  Just like a petty tyrant?


Great.  I probably shouldn’t hold my breath he’s gonna knock on my door anytime soon.  You shouldn’t worry about him knocking on your door either.

16 thoughts on “Gasbag Eddie the ‘Alpha Male’ plans to go door-to-door taking everyone’s firearms! If you refuse, Eddie plans on making a citizen’s arrest. LOL”
  1. Let me the first to opine that Eddie’s got issues. He tries to make up for his insecurities by being Mr. “Alpha Male.”

    No real alpha male would post such insipid drivel.

  2. Attention: punka$$-girlyboy, TRY THAT IN SMALL TOWN AMERICA, If you have to call yerself an “alpha male” my guess is you are just a punka$$-girlyboy that stuffs socks in his “package” so the rest of your girlyboy “posse” think you don’t have a veejay. You say “we need to get rid of the second amendment”, my guess is Canada doesn’t have a second amendment as is stated in OUR United States Constitution which is the foundation of the rest of the laws of our country. Kiss my big, hairy rear end, punkboy, if you think you can take any of my firearms, COMEONDOWN!

    1. Someone should make sure he knows that to get women, he should put the potato in the front of his pants, not the rear.

    2. I don’t think he is interested in girls/women, he seems to be the type more interested in “beta-girlyboys” and calls himself an “alfa” to gaslight the rest of the “girly-boy” crowd.

  3. He knows his rights! Well, that’s a relief.
    I will say the boys in prison probably like pretty, smooth skin like this young man has on his face. What was that line from Deliverance or Pulp Fiction? “Boy, you sure have a purdy mouth.”

  4. My suggestion to the girlyboy Eddie, if he has the testicular fortitude to take someone’s firearms why doesn’t he just go after the scum bas-turd up in Maine that murdered 18 and injured several others, he be such a “bad-a$$” (s)he can start there and maybe get a ree-ward. (S)he wouldn’t have to travel all over America since Maine is “next door” to Canada, how about that punka$$-girlyboy?

    1. Apparently the scum bass-turd has been found dead, girlyboy, you don’t have to track him down to take his firearms away from him, the firearms are probably logged in as evidence by now.

  5. I think Eddie is more a beta cuckold than an alpha male. He comes around here and I’m letting my daughter kick his ass.

  6. If he really wants to do some good, maybe he could go fetch armaments left behind in Afghanistan.

  7. That guy isn’t worth a bucket of warm shit. I have been around a long time. People like him are ALL talk.

  8. You punch him in the face and he would piss himself while crying like a baby for his mommy.

  9. I looked at his twitter feed.
    You missed the one from Oct 10th:
    “We ALL stand with Palestine.”

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