Got this email and wanted to share it along with my reply (slightly edited here).

Hello, my name is Kevin I just have a few questions if you don’t mind, perhaps you don’t have the answers.

Does the state of Illinois already have a record of what guns a person possesses.

If they do, will that mean they will come to your residence inquiring if you haven’t complied or if your using them and caught.

Thanks for any insight.

Kevin (last name withheld for obvious reasons)


Does the state have a record or purchases?  Yes and no.  Yes, they have a record that you purchased gun “X” on such and such date.  They have the instant background check approval number and can then contact the dealer to have the dealer fax them a copy of the 4473 which would give them make, model and serial number.
Do that for every purchase since about 1998 when they launched FTIP, and they can create a reasonable facsimile of your collection.
From that, if it’s been purchased in the past ten years, they expect you’ll still have it.  It’s up to them to prove you don’t still have it and that you transferred ownership to someone and failed to keep records.
Yeah, if it turns up at a crime scene that’s relatively easy unless it was stolen and you didn’t realize it.  For Joe Sixpack who bought an AR-15 in 2020 at the height of the George Floyd riots, and still has it in his safe but failed to register, that’s a LOT harder for them.  You don’t have to show the gun to them to prove your innocence.  Unless you give them consent to search, they have to have probable cause to get a warrant.  And unless someone’s got an axe to grind with you, that’s not likely to happen unless you’re doing really stupid stuff with it.  For instance: dry firing it in your living room with the curtains open as the school bus is dropping off kids.
If you purchased it over ten years ago, you can say you sold it and they can’t prove otherwise, good or bad, because maybe you sold it and then destroyed the record of the new owner after ten years.  “Sorry guys.  I really do wish I could help.”
If you’re using a banned gun in public (range or hunting, or just in your car) after Jan 1 and it’s not registered, it may be seized and you may be arrested.  You likely won’t get your gun back if you’re charged.  Possession of 2+ banned guns means not only will you not get those two specimens back, but they’ll seize all of your guns as you’ll face felony charges.
Moral of the story, keep your head down, mouth closed, and your banned guns in your home and you’ll face minimal risk of arrest or prosecution.  Especially if you don’t talk with police or answer their questions beyond, “I’d like to speak with my attorney before answering questions.  Good day and get lost.”
More on not answering police questions here.
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  1. Shouldn’t it be that it’s up to them to prove that you DO still have it and HAVEN’T transferred ownership to someone else?
    They’d assume you still have it. They just have to prove it.

  2. And people on here STILL defend the police? The article is correct that POLICE will be the ones to arrest and confiscate. If that’s the “just doing their job” you worship then you can have it! JBoch accidentally forgot to blame Pritzker, the Dems or anyone else. Opps………. It doesn’t matter because EVERYONE with a rational brain knows who’s who. I wonder if he’ll get in trouble for going against the Republican narrative and blaming the cops for what cops do? The fact one even has to say that proves that gun owners need a new political alignment.

    1. Your “pissing and moaning” gets old; why don’t YOU start a “new political alignment” that YOU consider feasible and lawful so the established law enforcement respects you and your followers and will not come/go after you? Take your divisiveness to the democRAT Underground or somewhere that will appreciate your anti-law-enforcement blather! You can call your “new alignment” “Marks Morons”, just a suggestion. Just GO AWAY.

    2. Mark, don’t let the trolls get to you. They’re just cranky ol farts. But if you offend ol’ johnboch, he’ll pull out his “banhammer” and censor you. He does that to comments that he doesn’t like.

      We know who the enemy is. They’ll learn, either the easy way or the hard way (hey! Isn’t that a line the pigs use all the time when they’re trying to deprive you of your constitutional rights?).

      Yeah, the good cops will just traipse along behind the bad cops. But, like my genius brother says, when they’re going door-to-door, so will we be! And when the cops figure out that their own homes and families are ………………. well, I guess I better stop there, eh?

      But just remember, if the JEWS had been armed (not just in WWII but more recently when hamass attacked), AND had fought back, yes, maybe a million or two would have been killed, but FOUR TO FIVE MILLION OF THEM WOULD HAVE LIVED. Incidentally, why would a nation that most of the rest of the world wants to obliterate voluntarily DISARM its entire populace? Can you imagine such a thing? Oh, wait! It is happening here. Which demographic will you be? When “they’ start going door to door (krystallnacht II), will you go along without spilling blood? Will you go quietly and meekly to the gas chamber? Or will you fight tooth and nail, and in so doing inspire everyone else to also fight?

  3. GSL 1589, thanks for proving the point that the Republican position favors police who will arrest and confiscate YOU and YOUR property over the legal gun owner and their constitutional rights. If this gun ban did anything it brought the grifter “pro-2A organizations” and fake constitutional rights supporters out of the woodwork who value abusive politically charged agencies over their own rights. What a statist. I’m so sorry that those of us who actually believe in our rights are getting “old” to you through pissing and moaning. It must be horrible for you to hear. Don’t forget to thank the cop that charges you with a made-up felony. It’s what you support. People who have had heart problems from the covid shot continue to support the religion of Faucism. So your position shouldn’t really surprise people. Stockholm Syndrome runs rampant.

    1. It’s trite and puerile but the saying goes: “Back the blue til it happens to you.” Someone who hasn’t been STOMPED by a cop will think they’re God’s gift.

      And someone who’s been abused, robbed and falsely arrested by cops finally learns to distrust all of them.


  4. Someone please give GSL1589 a mask. He’s offended by people who call out bullshit political narratives. He says Mark belongs in the DemoRAT party while he acts just like them. Always in favor of the system as the citizens get screwed. Oh hell, double mask up! The government is smarter than you. TRUST THE SCIENCE!

    1. The “pissing and moaning” DOES get old, Instead of all the “P & M” where are YOUR all “new political alignments” that everyone can get behind and support other than all your trite blather denigrating all law enforcement? Where are the massive movements other than ANTIFA and BLM that are just lawless enterprises? Are YOU ALL members of BLM and ANTIFA or where is your “grass roots organization(s)” fighting the confiscations (that have not yet happened) but are all part of the democRAT agenda, nationally and locally?
      Many in law enforcement are true Americans that do not believe in denying citizens’ constitutional Rights, including 2A, and they see the democRAT agenda as unconstitutional just as those of us in the firearms Rights organizations do. What are YOU ALL doing, where are YOUR “new political alignments” fighting against the democRAT agenda to destroy the 2A and the rest of the constitution that interferes with the Marxist democRAT agenda? LET US SEE YOUR “NEW ALIGNMENT”(S) that law abiding citizens will flock to to Make America Greater than what is going on now.

  5. Ken your “BACK THE BLUE TIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU, BOOTLICKS” has to be said to everyone asking for it. GSL1589 may be a troll however it’s still possible he’s an actual Republican po po apologist. They’re out there and they are dragging us down. People like that are the LAST thing we need in a movement to protect constitutional rights. And they must be shamed relentlessly.


    1. How am I “dragging you down” Troll-Travis? Are you ANTIFA, Black Lies Matter BOOTLICKS? Free Speach is alive and well here, I have been a pro-2A citizen since the 1970’s but I believe that many that join law enforcement are former military and also patriotic citizens that have sworn an oath to “support and defend” America’s Constitution and there are those in law enforcement opposed to the anti-constitutionalists in the democRAT-ICK “Marxist” party. I oppose the current governor, his administration and his/their agenda especially the outlawing of ownership of legal firearms, registration, and the eventual confiscation, soo KISS MY BIG FAT HAIRY REAR END, TROLL-TRAVIS!
      Is that the “kenny-boy punk-a$$hole” from many years ago that always spread his denigration on many posts? My guess it is, he is one that always brought up the “ban-hammer”, denigrating J. Boch and GSL., where are his and your “new pro-2A political alignments” fighting the Marxist democRAT agenda??!! COME ON MAN lets see your solution to fighting the Anti-2A scum!!

  6. I’ll have to admit, I’ve been defeated and called out for the partisan sheep I am. I am however afraid of becoming politically homeless so much that I will sacrifice my own rights and dignity so I can belong to a club called the GOP. They told me they love me and will protect my rights from the DemoRATs so I believe them. I ignore the evidence right in front of my face that the state police are actually the ones set out to destroy my freedoms and confiscate my property as they tie me down in my own house and kill the dogs because they felt “threatened” when in fact this is just their opportunity to carry out their video game fantasy at my expense. Thank goodness the people I listen to tell me to blame Pritzker and by hearing it dozens and dozens of times over I start to believe that so I can ignore actual reality and avoid the harsh fact that I’ve been duped and taken for a ride this entire time. You can tell me I’m dragging down the movement all you want but it won’t do you any good because all I have to do is read any made-for-republican article and they’ll blame Pritzker and the demoRATS. Why do you think the GOP flat out ignores the lesson reality-based people got from New Mexico where it was proven that eliminating police qualified immunity is a central way to destroy gun control? Because if they talk about it more and more people will understand that “back the blue” and protecting the constituents from gun control are opposing positions and not compatible with each other. It’s ok though, I need to feel wanted by the group and in order to do that you have to ignore what you know to be true and think as they tell you to think. It’s for the team.

    1. Pretty obvious “Mark, et al” have no “new 2A political alignments”, all they have is denigrating blather like the above that was probably generated by my old nemesis “dr.-kenny-boy a$$hole”, just his old style to “impersonate” someone else with bull manure, isn’t it “kenny-boy a$$HO”?
      Time for the “ban-hammer” for Ken again, he will never learn to be cordial.

  7. The gun owners who support police are like gay people who support Palestinian. Why the HELL do you support those who want to destroy you? People get the government they deserve. GSL 1589 is like that.

    1. That is your “new political alignment” Tom? Denigrate people who support first responders doing jobs you couldn’t possibly fathom? Who has been “destroyed”?; there has been no confiscation by the state as of yet other than the criminal element and not that many of “gang members” in Chicago, because of lack of enforcement in Crook County/Chicago. You are spreading division for something that has not happened. True, Jelly Belly the Prikster has an agenda to do so but it isn’t happening yet, and as governor, some law enforcement at his command might do his bidding, others would honor their oath to uphold and enforce the Constitution…you tarnish all law enforcement and anyone that supports them for something that is not happening, yet. Why don’t you put your energy and vitriol toward the people trying to instigate registration and confiscation? BTW,…KMFHA$$, a$$hole!

  8. Great video. Don’t talk to police. Skipping over some of the purse swinging here other than to say “don’t talk to the police” isn’t “don’t support your local police.”

  9. GSL1589, it’s entertaining yet sad to see how some of you boot lickers trip over yourselves to give blanket support to people that turn around and call you a “subject.” You sit around and assume that most police will leave you alone as long as you kiss their asses. Here’s some harsh reality for you. If you have 100 cops and 98 of them respect their oath the two that don’t still rack up felonies on YOU. My example is being extremely generous to your beloved cops and you still lose. Police are interested in keeping their paychecks – it’s not about you, sorry subject. Thanks for proving to everyone on this board that “back the blue” is a cult.

    1. Kenny-boy aka:Jeery,
      You have the Marxist “talking points” down pat, don’t you? Denigrate those you don’t agree with to the point of hysteria, I call you “kenny-boy” because he has a bad habit of “cloning”, using other names to spread his hatred of ALL law enforcement personnel using fake and different names to make it appear there are mass numbers of a$$holes touting the same manure, so I believe all of you denigrating fellow citizens because of their professions are the same one piece of scum, just my humble opinion, but… Your “talking points” are toooo similar to be spewed from different A$holes! KMFHA$$ Jeerie aka: “kenny-boy”, A$$HOLE! Why don’t you use your hatred to go after the democRATS that are the ones pushing the Anti-firearms agenda?

  10. BATFE form 4473. The ISPFSB CAN NOT simply request to see and copy a FFL/IL FFL 4473 forms. It is also illegal for those forms to be copied or transmitted. I dont know any FFL’s who would willingly comply with such illegal requests/orders from ISP, County, Municipal, or Federal law enforcement. Beyond the legal ramifications it is NOT practical for ISP to go through ALL FFL records recording firearms purchased by individuals. ISP has 5 FFL inspectors assigned for the entire state. If every trooper were movilized to complete this illegal task enough mampower would not exist. I dont think 4473’s should exist, however these are NOT registration forms and LE personnel or agencies can NOT have access to these forms because ‘the sun is shinning’! Calm down.

  11. “Purse swinging” is a good description of the comments at the beginning. If we all support 2A and are ‘unhappy’ with the current state government why all the in-fighting? Suffice to say keep ypur mouth shut, avail yourself of your Constitutional Rights, force the government to follow the law. Dont trust the police is a good perspective as is dont rely on the police to protect you. OK….. first let us all have the facts and focus on being informed citizens in order to effectively address this government bullshit before we swing purses.

  12. Look at the posts of Mark, Travis, Tom, and GSL15889, check the ISP, e-mail, my guess is they are all generated from the same one as “ken” or as I refer to him as “kenny-boy A$$ho” a nemesis from many years ago that hates all law enforcement and anyone that believes there are honorable citizens in law enforcement, no exceptions, he was banned for a loooonnngg time, time to ban him for good and for the good of this site. Why doesn’t he go after the politicians that push the anti-firearms agenda? I believe he is hard-core Marxist democRAT that just hates police and comes on here to stir manure because he dis-likes John Boch and me too because I “call him out”. GO AWAY, kenny-boy your madness and hatred are disgusting!

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