Sometimes Karma bites you on the rear.  A “fashion boutique” with a logo inspired by “Eat the Rich” suffered a “crash & grab” burglary in recent days.  Yep, the (apparent) commies who run the store with a “Streets Gotta Eat” store slogan suffered thousands in damages and the loss of a lot of merchandise.

Where’s the tissue?

Just kidding.

video of an attempted ‘crash + grab’ at another indy fashion boutique. this time at the beloved boneyard chicago in ukrainian village. also ironically the store with the ‘eat the rich’ inspired logo and the ‘streets gotta eat’ store slogan
byu/LoopyInTheLoop inCrimeInChicago


So the streets ate his stuff.  How’s it feel?

3 thoughts on “ANTIFA STORE? Chicago ‘fashion boutique’ with ‘Eat the Rich’-inspired logo (and ‘Streets Gotta Eat’ slogan) suffers ‘crash & grab’ burglary— [VIDEO]”
  1. I may be going to hell for thinking that the thugs who did this couldn’t have picked a better place.

  2. Too bad they didn’t make a fire to keep warm. Like the previous guy, I couldn’t find a GAF anywhere.

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