David Hogg has long blamed the NRA for not surrendering in his quixotic quest for total civilian disarmament in America.  Then he blamed the guns themselves.  Now that those dead horses doesn’t turn anyone’s heads any longer, he’s come up with a new boogeyman responsible for criminal and gang violence across America.  Yep, it’s all the fault of those darn “suburban white women.”

It remains unclear if his latest attempt to gasp for the oxygen of publicity went as well as he had hoped.


But things went even further south for the Harvard-educated sexist boy.


And it just kept getting worse for the sexist twit.

And don’t forget the map of America’s homicide hotspots.

6 thoughts on “Sexist David Hogg now blames white suburban women for gang violence”
  1. Let me guess, those suburban white wimmenz are making up for sexual inadequacies by buying guns, right David? For being a “Harvard Man” you surely are stupid and bigoted.

    1. D D, D Hogg grew up stupid and bigoted because he was raised by a “white woman”, maybe an absent baby-daddy? and he has “issues” with “white women” because he didn’t like his mammie’s discipline. Poor pitiful pathetic punk-boy.

  2. ‘The Republicans flooding our communities with guns’. Ah…… name them? Who ? Show me proof? Where’ da white women!?
    Why is this cretin given any attention?

  3. He is another twit-wit. Those who follow or believe what this mope has to say should be ‘X’d’ out of society as fellow cretins.

  4. How sad, The poster boy for zero testosterone beta males is trying to stay relevant and make a few bucks. His fake survivor bit fell apart long ago.

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