In an interview with reporter Greg Bishop, the Illinois State Police Director Brendan Kelly shared some updated registration numbers for February and March of 2024. Kelly indicated that an additional 682 Illinois gun owners registered regulated “naughty” guns, or parts and accessories.

Given the latest updated number on total FOID holders which now stands at 2,473,655, that means that 98.53% of Land of Lincoln FOID holders registered NOTHING under the so-called Protect Illinois Communities Act gun registry provision.

And only a fool would think that only 1.4% of Illinois gun owners owned America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15 or one of roughly 200 other hot-selling hunting, sporting or self-defense semi-automatic firearms.

Nah, the simple truth is that the great majority of owners of these firearms simply opted not to comply.

Most, but not all, have kept their heads down and remained tight-lipped about continuing to keep their guns.

A few brave souls, including Darren Bailey, have spoken publicly of their refusal to register.

At GSL we recommend keeping a low profile if you still have regulated guns at home.

4 thoughts on “98.53% NON-COMPLIANCE: ISP’s stealth release of additional registration numbers”
  1. Director Kelly, YOU have just admitted to operating outside of your statutory authority. Your disgusting organization known as the Illinois State Police has adopted the same attitude as the ATF, where you think you are above the legislative branch that gives what authority you don’t deserve, not to mention the Constitution which you took an oath to protect yet your daily operations violate that oath. You are already declared GUILTY in the court of public opinion. Illinoisans already call you Brownshirts, storm troopers, unlawful enemy combatants and more! You deserve any and all contempt the public gives you. Individual officers: Please note that you are NOT trusted by the public. You chose a job of hiding behind the bushes watching for drivers on the phones when you yourself do the SAME fucking thing in school and construction zones. People see you for what you are. GARBAGE! Back the Blue my ass. Oh wait! Someone from GSL will jump in and defend your unlawful behavior. Just give it a minute.

  2. I don’t need the facts because I already blindly support law enforcement. It doesn’t matter to me one iota that THEY are the ones enforcing laws against MY rights. Their job comes before my rights. PERIOD! I’ll just blame the DemoRATS in order to avoid self-reflection because that would reveal how I’ve been hoodwinked into thinking law enforcement was my friend. I have no patience for people who come on here complaining about state troopers harassing drivers on the interstate that have seen it for themselves while simultaneously admitting that I don’t even go on the interstates and thus not even having such knowledge. It’s easier for me, me, me to just Back the Blue and ignore the people who have actual experience with this than to listen to someone for once and realize they have a point. I’m stuck in my ways and do not welcome updated verifiable information. I’m too damn old to start questioning whether or not my life-long worldview has been in error. Back the BADGE!!!

  3. Travis forgot to mention how the ISP does not obey the speed limit when driving home after a shift change, or most of the time really.
    I have followed members of Pritzker’s SS on several different occasions on Illinois route 16 at the end of a shift driving home at 65mph or more, the speed limit on that two lane is 55mph. ISP district headquarters is located on route 16 next to interstate 55 at Litchfield.
    Isn’t the starting salary for Pritzker’s SS over $100,000 a year and doesn’t a person have to be politically connected to land one of those good paying jobs?

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