What the difference between the 1968 Democratic National Convention and the coming 2024 DNC event?  Well, in 1968 the mayor was on the side of law-and-order.  Today, the mayor sides with Antifa and so-called “pro-Palestinian” protesters.

And comments this past weekend from Mayor Let’s Go Brandon further illuminate the difference between how the city will respond to lawless “peaceful protesters.”

Chicago is gonna burn, folks.

BURN THIS INTO YOUR MIND:  You don’t want to be within a quarter tank of gas of the DNC event August 19-22.

From WirePoints:

Mayor Johnson deepens concerns about what side he will be on if DNC protesters become lawbreakers and challenge police

Whose side will Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson be on if protesters become lawbreakers at the August Democratic National Convention in Chicago, and how will he direct police to respond?

Concerns that Johnson will side with lawbreakers already are common, and Johnson’s  interview published Sunday by the Chicago Tribune should increase those concerns.

The interviewers asked Johnson whether he agreed with police who forcibly broke up a recent protest at the Chicago Art Institute, arresting many protesters. Johnson answered that his primary concern was protesters’ rights. The reporters pressed further, asking, “Was the final response, the outcome — which led to dozens of arrests — was that necessary?”

Johnson’s answer:

Well, in some instances — and I’ve been a part of these demonstrations — in some instances, arrests are part of the objective. I’ll say it like that. I’ve taken arrest before. It’s not unprecedented for demonstrators to take arrest. The most important thing, though, here is that the First Amendment? Protected. Keeping people safe, it’s the primary goal, and we’ve done both of those.

In other words, getting arrested for breaking the law while protesting is no biggie.

Again, you don’t want to be within a quarter tank of gas of the DNC in August.  Just sayin’.

6 thoughts on “CHICAGO’S GONNA BURN: Chicago’s Mayor hints he will side with lawbreaking Antifa ‘peaceful protesters’ during DNC convention over law-and-order in weekend comments”
  1. Break out the popcorn, peanuts and cotton candy, wish I had the franchise! The Circus is coming to Chit-cago maybe all month long, pre-, post-, and during the democRAT national convention, notify all ANTIFA, BLM, HAM-ASS, AND ALL criminal drug gangs it is OPEN SEASON for any and all democRAT criminals to take over and destroy Murder-city USA!! BURN, BABY BURN, take out all the criminal-loving politicians with this nasty city!

  2. The federal contractors are ready to put on their red hats and incite violence. Obviously, it will be President Trump’s fault.

    1. Just like Jusse “Smells-a-lot” farce, the “red hat brigade” will have to be paid.

  3. And when the fires are out, the broken glass is cleaned up, and all the dead and injured are removed from the street the brain dead drooling imbeciles will vote Dummycrat all over again !!!! I hope for lots of TV coverage cause it’s going to be fun !!!!

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