May 11, 2024

As though Americans, and Illinoisans, needed another reason to practice their “ABCs” – otherwise know as “Always Be Carrying” – the conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Iran provides it. Not because Iran is going to invade downtown Chicago, but because of terrorist sleeper agents embedded in our communities might activate, disrupting our lives and killing our fellow Americans.

Thanks to our porous border, millions of unknown persons have entered our nation. Not all of these military-aged males have America’s best interests at heart.

Open-source intelligence data suggests there may be between 3800 and 38,000 Hamas and Hezbollah sleeper cell bad guys in America. Should America take a more active role in the Middle East conflict against Iran, that may be one of the automatic activation scenarios for those radicals in our midst.

Even if just 10% of the low estimate of sleeper agents activate, that works out to almost 100 4-man teams committing all manner of attacks against infrastructure targets as well as soft targets like schools, hospitals, shopping malls, sporting events and much more. Thanks to streaming video, they could and probably would stream some of their atrocities to terrorize the American public in general.

While as individuals we cannot influence the Biden Administration, we can stay extra vigilant in our daily lives and take steps to mitigate problems for our own families in the event of terrorist or cyber attacks cripple infrastructure including public utilities in our communities.

The worst case scenario might involve Iran hitting us with an Electromagnetic Pulse attack, crippling some unprotected electronics over a wide swath of the nation.

So maintain your situational awareness in public. If you see something, call 911 and say something. Keep your car’s fuel tank full, carry your firearms everywhere you can legally do so and pay attention just in case things get spicy here in America’s fly-over country.